This was meant to be one of our projects, but got cancelled, then revived. Shigofumi will be one of our side projects, meaning that it will be queued up behind other projects should there be a clash of scheduling. I revived this project to fill the time between Mon-Thurs when there’s much idling going on in the staff channel. However, don’t expect the releases to be very regular, unlike what we plan with H2O, True Tears and Rosario.

So, what is Shigofumi about? Basically, it’s about a postal worker called Fumika and her companion, a talking staff named Kanaka. A Shigofumi is a letter sent from the dead, and Fumika delivers them. Often, the contents of these letters can be very controversial. The genre is mystery drama, with some romance thrown it. Judging from the first two episodes, it’s one of the stronger series of this season. Special thanks goes out to the people from Ayako for their help with Shigofumi.

Download: Shigofumi 01 (XviD)(SDTV) – [Torrent | Alt Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: Shigofumi 01 (h264)(576p Upscale) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

I must be a sucker for these kind of shows. Another great episode with Hiromi going on the offensive. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Errata: 1. The dance that Shin’ichiro was practising in episode 01 should be the Mugiha Dance. I took a shot in the dark at the name. But, it’s sortove written on the basketball uniforms in this episode (see pic below). -_-
2: I skipped the song that Noe was singing at the end of episode 01. It’s “There’s a roach under Shin’ichiro’s shoe.” I thought it was insignificant, but uhhh, I thought wrong.

Also, I modified the fonts a little for this episode. Should be more aesthetically pleasing now. It may seem like this week’s episode has come out really fast, but that’s because we waited a few days to do episode 01. Expect future episodes to come out around this time every week. Give or take several hours.

True Tears 02 True Tears 02

Download: True Tears 02 (XviD)(SD downscale) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: True Tears 02 (h264)(HDTV) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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Sorry, didn’t have time to make this post earlier. More white panty shots, this time coming from Kurumu the big breasted succubus.

Download: R V 02 (XviD) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: R V 02 (h264) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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I thought of something to say before, but I don’t remember what it is anymore. Oh, the main font has been adjusted a little but the karaoke will be the same for this episode. Maybe next episode we’ll include some effects.

H2O 02 H2O 02

Download: H2O 02 (XviD) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: H2O 02 (h264) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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I’ve noticed our users jump on us and many other groups for a long while now. Some are nice and as such we respond nicely to them. On the other hand, you get people like this guy here (e-mail link removed) who should be (censored). Allow me to share with you what I’m talking about…

> hey
> i just wanted to point out that you should be more aware of your
> spelling in your translations, especially with c’s, s’s and z’s.
> for example, these words:
> NOT realise…realiZe
> NOT apologise…apologiZe
> NOT organising…organiZing
> NOT energise…energiZe
> you may need to keep a dictionary on you if english is not your first
> language. these do not apply, but sometimes words can be spelled
> differently by changing one letter.
> just pointing it out.
> -xxx

The above is an actual email from the person noted which shows how (censored) can be towards us for providing a FREE fansub.

We use British English. We have done so and will continue to do so as do most fansub groups out there. Just because we use an s instead of using a z doesn’t make our fansubs any less in quality and most fans barely notice it and even if they do it is simply blown off because they ‘realise’ that we are using British English.

(Censored paragraph)

– Silence.

Additional Information:

Just some additional spelling information for your general knowledge if you’re wondering about spelling differences between British and American spellings. Note that the large majority of countries in the world spell using the British system. American spellings are only used in the states, the Phillippines, Japan (they don’t even speak English though) and a handful of other countries associated with the states. Because I myself am not American, and neither is the Baka-Wolf owner, Leginag, we tend to spell it in the British spelling system because we were brought up spelling that way.

Here are a few examples of things which you might think are mistakes, but really aren’t, if you’re unsure of the differences.

– Programme vs Program. Programme = itenerary, schedule. Program = computer programs only.

– Colour, valour, armour, etc. Spelt with an additional ‘u’.

– Centre, litre, theatre, metre. Spelt with ‘re’ for all words of French origin.

– Gramme, tonne. Additional ‘me’/’ne’.

– Meter. Used for things like ‘parking meters’ only as opposed to the SI unit, metre.

– Enrol, fulfil, travel, cancel. Spelt with one ‘l’ in their plain form.

– Enrolling, travelled, cancelled. Spelt with two ‘l’s when in other forms.

– Storey. The number of floors, levels in a building.

– Catalogue, dialogue. Spelt with an additional ‘ue’.

– Spelt, learnt, leapt, dealt. These are often the prefered past tense forms instead of ending with ‘ed’ as they are pronounced that way.

– Defence. Spelt with a ‘c’ because it’s a noun and must follow the ‘c’ to the noun rule. E.g Advice, device as opposed to the verb form of advise and devise. And opposed to the adjective version also using an ‘s’ in defensive, advisable, etc.

– Aesthetics, Encyclopaedia, diarrhoea.

– Doughnuts.

Wow, that’s quite a list and that’s still hardly complete. Hope that’s helpful.


P.S. Note, I no longer handle mail for m.3.3.w and passed this responsibility to silence a while back. Sometimes, handling the mail can be very stressful as I often get a lot of silly mail. It’s difficult to be tech support for non-paying customers, lol. Either way, I agree with Lonyo that this mail is not rude in any way, just plain ignorant. However, I thought that I’d take this opportunity to point out the differences in spelling and properly inform everyone that the spelling in True Tears and H2O will be using the British system.

Anyway, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions. However, I’d like to kindly ask mailers to do a bit of research on their own before contacting us. Obviously, we won’t spell something wrong 50 times in a row. Must be a reason behind it, right? Thank you again for your support.

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Actually, I wasn’t planning on doing True Tears. I turned down several offers asking me to translate it. I wanted to let other people handle it. But, our group seems to really want to do it. On top of that, I was quite disappointed with the release speed of others despite the fact so many groups are on it. We released late because I only started working on it less than half a day ago. I really like True Tears and I think the show deserves better attention and brought to the fans sooner.

As usual, this release contains nothing fancy. The karaoke has no special effects and the main dialogue font is plain white Arial. However, the translation/editing should be of an acceptable quality for something done in like 3-4 hours. We apologise for our stupid typos. True Tears airs on Sunday, so expect subs out for True Tears every Sunday/Monday depending on your time zone.

The XviD version is in standard definition. Easy to play for everyone. The h264 version will be in high definition. It’s a real HD show and not an upscale. So the video quality should be pretty awesome. Enjoy.

True Tears 01 True Tears 01
True Tears 01 True Tears 01

Download: True Tears 01 (XviD) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: True Tears 01 (h264) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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Sure took a while, but here’s the DVD version of Koharu Biyori encoded in h264. What’s the difference from the TV version? Well, firstly, it’s a lot clearer. Second, the OP and ED are a little different. Other than that, nothing.

Some people have asked me why I dislike fancy karaoke and typesetting and such. Well, I guess this is one of the reasons. If you don’t mind waiting over a month for a release, we can provide all that. The larger the number of staff, the harder it is to organise. Sometimes, people stall and delay work, etc. I’d like to explain why I make the choices I do when it comes to what gets focused on in a release, but I think it’d be too long and boring. Anyway, enjoy.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention. Episode 02 airs next week. The third and final one airs around March I believe.

Download: Koharu Biyori DVD 01 (h264) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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Since m33w and Baka Wolf are one and the same (we consist of the same members), I suppose I should report the release here too. This project is a joint between Baka Wolf / m33w and Ayako. I myself am not personally involved in this project however. It’s being handled by a separate team.

Anyways, presenting episode 01:

Download: R V 01 (XviD) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

Download: R V 01 (h264) – [Torrent | Direct Download]

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Congratulations to those who made it safely through the new year. I hope you guys didn’t spend too much time throwing up into the toilet bowl.

It’s only been a week since we last released anything. Feels like a whole year. Immediately after releasing the final episode of Myself; Yourself, I returned to the world of Vana’diel in Final Fantasy XI (yes, the online one) after a 3 year absence. I’ve only been playing a week, but it already feels like I’m wasting my life away. Luckily, I came to my senses and took a look at what’s in store this season.

Upon watching the H2O raw, the opening scene immediately piqued my interest and we decided to pick it up as a project on the spot. These visual novel adaptaions tend to have really good stories too. So, “What is it about?”, you may ask. Check out the H2O project page for a short synopsis. The voice actress for the main character, a blind boy named Takuma, is the same voice actress who did Nanaka in Myself; Yourself. Also, H2O is part of the Anime Spirits series, following previous shows like Kaze no Stigma and Ninomiya.

It looks like this is the first English fansub release for the new season too. As usual, we’re doing it in a very minimalistic fashion. No fancy karaoke and typesetting and such. It airs on a Friday I believe, so expect a release every week on Saturday or Sunday depending on your timezone.

Anyway, download it. Watch it. It looks to be a really good show.

h2o 01 h2o 01

Correction: Oh, my bad. @4:40 Takuma says “The warmth of the Sun.” and not East. I didn’t think of it until a moment ago when I realised how stupid the sentence sounded. It was just that ‘hizashi’ and ‘higashi’ sounded really close and I wasn’t thinking. This will be correct in the mkv version.

Download: H2O 01 (XviD) – [Torrent 1 | Torrent 2 | Direct Download]

Download: H2O 01 (h264) – [Torrent 1 | Torrent 2 | Direct Download]

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