Here is episode 15 of Itazura na Kiss. Special A 15 should be out either later today or tomorrow. There are a lot of signs to typeset, which is what’s causing the delay.

Additional notes from xess: We left out subs for the English dialogue intentionally. I feel that there’s no point subbing it. If you’re hearing impaired then I apologise. If you’re playing the video with no volume, well, then you shouldn’t. This also gives you a chance to feel proud that you’ll be able to understand the dialogue where a typical Japanese viewer might not. And lastly, this gives the subbers for other languages a chance to do some work. Do the Chinese subbers translate the English dialogue by the way?

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OMGZ! After ten gruelling days, it’s finally here. I don’t think we’ve ever wasted so much time on a single episode before. (well, we have. Hime-sama was up to like v23 on the scripts or something)

The title translates to, The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka. And you’ve guessed it, the story is about Haruka’s secret. Despite her high-class princess-like outward appearance, she’s really a closet otaku. I suppose this would be a romantic comedy, and one of the higher profile shows of the season.

You may be wondering how we’re able to do so many shows this season. Well, that’s because we’ve acquired a new translator, IncestMango (I know, it’s a terrible name), who’s very enthused about doing this show. Some of the staff, namely tun, just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a show about an otaku girl.

So, please enjoy the first episode. Hopefully the other episodes wouldn’t take such a fail amount of time to do, as we’ve been pretty slow as of late.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 01 Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 01
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 01 Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 01

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If you guys didn’t know already, we’ve dropped the joint with Osu! for this series. Most of their members didn’t like the show very much, so it was mutually beneficial to break it off. They initially wanted to do Ran on their own, but dropped the idea, and instead released with the w.0.0.f script. It was all a bit confusing.

But, what I’m sure you guys want to know is, how will this effect the releases of Ran. Well, it shouldn’t. We’ve managed to recruit a new translation checker, so we can now properly do everything in-house. So, back to the original BakaWolf-m.3.3.w.

Episode 04 is actually pretty interesting, going into the new arc. The previous arc was called something like “City under attack.” Sorry, I kinda accidentally ignored it. This arc is called “The Whisper from the Darkness”. I was also mistaken about the genre of this series. It’s actually more of a mystery series and not a mahou shoujo.

TL notes for Ep 04:
– Midori’s name means green. The conversation at 10:08 may be a bit confusing if you didn’t know this. This is sortove a language specific thing, so not much I can do about it since I can’t rename Midori to Miss Greene or something.

– 4:44: One peculiarity about Japanese writing is that the kanji can have multiple readings. Kanji means Chinese characters, and thus many Chinese words are borrowed into Japanese. So, they end up having duplicate words for many things. Similar to how English has so many Latin and French borrowings (including borrowing the Latin alphabet). And then there are extra readings for proper names too. It can be quite confusing. Probably better off not knowing.

Anyways, please enjoy the episode.

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This one was pretty late, sorry! This show has really covered a lot in 14 episodes. This one was the best one yet.


P.S. And no, this isn’t the final episode. There’s no OP as they needed that additional one-and-a-half minutes because of how awesome this episode was.

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Today, there was a mutual cancellation of our joint with Osu! Subs on Telepathy Shoujo Ran. They have admitted they had little desire to do the show, and we saw they had a bulky work load this season and rather than let things go on too long, we both decided it’d be best for both sides to part ways.

BakaWolf-m.3.3.w will continue to sub Telepathy Shoujo Ran and we wish Osu! subs the best of luck on their future projects, and one day hope we can attempt another joint project together. Was fun talking to them on IRC in the staff channel. 😀

Silence, The Head Baka.

Last release for today. Our official subs for Telepathy Girl Ran 01 and 02.

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Here is Special A 14. I really enjoyed this one and you’ll see why when you watch. Again, there’s no karaoke this week, since the OP/ED singles come out in 3 days. Episode 15 will definitely have karaoke included.

Itazura 14 should be out either tomorrow or Monday hopefully.

And I guess there’s no point in keeping it a secret, but we have picked up Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. After seeing the garbage that Moetaku put out, we can’t just sit idly by.

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This is the secret project that I was talking about a few days ago.

  • We will not be picking this show up full time. We’ll sub them if I come across an episode that I like.
  • This was done primarily for the lulz.
  • Working on this episode did not cause delays on other projects, so don’t bitch at us.

Download: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 066 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 066 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

Remember what I said about us not picking this up as a project? Well, scrap that, because we are. It’s quite clear that no other group is going to work on this show (this being a 24 episode show also probably puts a lot of newer groups off), so we’ve teamed up with Osu! to bring all the episodes of Ran to you guys.

This is a mahou shoujo (magic girl) series about Isozaki Ran and Naha Midori, 2 girls with psychic powers such as mind reading, mind control and shooting fireballs. It’s targeted at a younger audience but the show seems quite interesting, though I’m probably the only one in the group that thinks so.

ran 03

Anyway, we’re releasing episode 03 first. Episodes 01 and 02 will come later, which will have some translation fixes. Some notable ones are:

  • Tsutano City – the name of the city Ran lives in
  • Fureai Ginko (Contact Bank) – name of the bank in the news
  • Takoyaki Tak-kun – name of the main character in Ran’s mother’s novel
  • Shion Nore – katakana spelling of the perfume Ohara-sensei wears. Apparently it’s some kinda olive smell. No idea of the etymology, so I can’t locate the actual spelling for it.

That should get you all up to speed if you’ve watched the previous episodes already. The h264 version is 720p and weighs in at 300MB. The XviD version is 396p at 230MB. Ran compresses poorly, so the filesizes have to be significantly boosted to maintain quality. Apparently fireballs take up a lot of bitrate.

Lastly, we still do have some other surprises lined up for you all. Enjoy.

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Well boys and girls, Saoen here. tun is gone which means we can make fun of him without him knowing about it till he returns (Dont actually make fun of tun we <3 him). Anyway there were a couple errors in Itazura na Kiss 13 as tun stated in an earlier post. Most have been fixed. Upon watching the v2 I saw one error, it occurs at 16:39 =p. Beyond that the episode looks good, be prepared for more Itazura and Special A.

itakiss 13v2
Download: Itazura na Kiss 13v2 (h264) – Bittorent

Download: Itazura na Kiss 13v2 (XviD) – Bittorent