I released the wrong episode last night, so there was an issue with the audio compatibility in stand-alone players like a DVD player. There is absolutely no difference between this v2 and the original aside from this fix. Only get this if you have issues with audio playback like a few people complained about in the release post. The h264 version is perfectly fine and unaffected by this audio problem.

Download: Itazura na Kiss 18v2 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]


  1. Simz
    7:15 pm on August 14th, 2008

    hey thanks for releasing the second version, really appreciate it. Made my day!!

  2. Hans
    9:58 pm on August 14th, 2008

    Who downloads XviD anyways? haha.


  3. xess
    10:08 pm on August 14th, 2008

    Well, sure a HELL LOT more than the ones downloading the h264 at least. Only Nogizaka receives more h264 downloads, which is very curious.

  4. Tal
    10:57 pm on August 14th, 2008

    “The h264 version is perfectly fine.”

    Actually, I’m still having trouble with the h264 release. The same exact problem I discussed in the thread for Episode 17 ( http://m33w-fansubs.com/2008/08/itazura-na-kiss-17/ ), and it’s only for those two episodes, not for any of the older ones. I tested the episode on different machines running different operating systems and it’s definitely a problem that manifests itself specifically on Windows. It’s not a question of not having the right codecs, enough system specs, etc. I asked before but I’ll try again: have you guys been encoding ItaKiss differently starting with Episode 17? A new encoder? New software? Anything?

    I doubt I’m alone in this issue. And before a single additional non-staff member replies with a “it works for me so it must be your system :p” response (see previous thread), let me just say that the next time somebody tells you they have chest pain, I pray that you give them an aspirin and call 911 instead of telling them that they’re imagining things and you know this to be the case because you don’t feel any chest pain of your own. -_-;

  5. xess
    12:02 am on August 15th, 2008

    You also had this problem with ep 17? I don’t believe we changed anything in 17. The encoding program does get updated quite often though, but I don’t know if that’ll have any impact.

    Does it totally not play at all? And which video player are you using? And tell us the exact version of the codec you’re using to decode h264.

    I’ll forward the information you give me to our encoder, and we’ll see if he can help you find a solution.

  6. nikici
    6:26 am on August 15th, 2008

    I download the XviD always, so thank you. :)

  7. edenrei
    9:16 am on August 15th, 2008

    Hi, I just got hooked to this anime and I just nicked this epi. ^^ Thanks very much for the hard work in subbing this!

  8. BiGGuY
    3:53 pm on August 15th, 2008

    What codecs do you use for playing and what player? Cause I encode my encodes to be DXVA compliant (so it’s hardware decodable) but the x264 got updated to a newer series to enhance the compression and quality and the encodes also use new features. It works fine with CoreAVC or with MPC-HC internal H.264 decoder. ffdshow might be buggy (comes with cccp) as it is probably old/outdated and doesn’t support the latest version.

  9. Well…I would’ve download the h264 like always…
    but ever since my laptop crashed…I’m forced to download XviD just so I’d be able to watch them. T_T

  10. I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) Edgar Allen

  11. annso
    6:13 am on August 17th, 2008

    when is the 19 episode subbed please tell me !!!!!!!!!

    I love this anime and I can’t waite too see the next epiosde =)

  12. kawaiitenshi
    11:16 am on August 17th, 2008

    thank you soo much for the excellent subbing! just a question though. im not really having any problems with the audio of the original ep18 xvid, but i got confused with the post for ep18 v2…

    it says, “I released the wrong episode last night…” so does that mean it wasn’t ep18? what did you mean by saying “wrong episode”?

    but then it also said, “There is absolutely no difference between this v2 and the original aside from this fix.” so uhh… im kinda confused all the more. kotoko’s stupidity is very contagious lol ^.^v can someone please elaborate to clear it? thank you so much!