And with this, we complete our weekend releases. I think I’ve just accepted the fact that Rosario is going to take a long time due to staff schedules. The members in both groups that are working on this show just have some irreconcilable scheduling conflicts that we can’t really do anything about.

And some people have been asking why our file size went up, even after ordered chapters was implemented. Normally, ordered chapters is supposed to result in decreased file size. However, the real purpose of ordered chapters is for higher video quality, not decreased file size. Depending on how much more bitrate the actual episode requires, the file size can actually go up, as it did in our case.

Download: Rosario + Vampire Capu2 03 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Rosario + Vampire Capu2 03 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]


  1. Moka
    6:32 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Thanks Alot :-)

  2. Karloni
    6:35 pm on October 26th, 2008

    thanks for episode 3!

  3. ItAintEazy
    6:36 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Come on, admit it. Rosario to Pantsu is a terrible show and the censoring doesn’t help. That’s why everybody is justifiably lagging on the releases.

  4. Skullman
    6:41 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Rosario + Vampire is a real amazing show! (And the manga is even better)… Thanks guys for releasing a new episode!!! 😉

    And about the censorship… Oh well, around January the DVD version will be released, so till that time there is really no other option. :( At least not for now…

  5. KingProgdor
    6:47 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Chihiro released episode 4, and according to them it’s censored as well.

    Looks like the rest of the season will be censored. =/

  6. @ItAintEazy
    It might not be as fabulous as some of the other shows airing atm, but the annoying bat sure killed the little motivation we had.

  7. DaZEROrk
    7:01 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Thanks for the release.
    I hate that bat.

  8. And yeah, this time the bats were done by the studio and not by the stations like TV Osaka, so there was no getting rid of the bat this time…

  9. kite
    7:33 pm on October 26th, 2008

    I have a question but not related to this post(sorry).why do some anime series continue to be subbed even they are licensed?(i.e. code geass). then some are not? I was waiting for the release of shikabanehime aka but it didnt come for weeks and i just found out that it was licensed.

  10. A special thx for your hard work XD! Can I translate your sub into Vietnamese? Because I’m Vietnamese, and I’d like this series become more popular in my country XD

    Go ahead.

  11. @kite
    Some believe in morals, it is said that even pirates have codes.

    But then again when the company that acquired the license sends a C&D to the groups fansubbing the series in question, they don’t really want to continue like nothing happened.

  12. gastonf
    8:33 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Shame on this show being censored. But I still like it and will see it now and when the uncensored version came out. See ya guys.

  13. thanks a lot

  14. M11
    9:05 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Thanks for ep 3 guys!

    So will you still be subbing this now that it is censored?

  15. @M11
    We will go with the flow for he time being, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see a release in a while. People are being really slow when it comes to this show.

  16. Tidus
    9:43 pm on October 26th, 2008

    I never hated bats as much as now.

    I’m not watching it until the DVD version comes out… Thanks anyways Ayako/m33w.

  17. Gao
    10:39 pm on October 26th, 2008

    I’m in the same boat as Tidus.

  18. Dago ''Nodoka Miyazaki`s fam''
    11:01 pm on October 26th, 2008

    Are you going to sub the DVD version?
    because at least for me this series isn`t worth it if it`s censored.

    i`d drop it if i were you .

  19. Kae
    3:11 am on October 27th, 2008

    By the looks of it, they have only censored shots that are drawn out and close up.
    Saving something for the DVD release, I presume.

    I hope that you will continue to sub the series. As annoying and distracting as the censorship is, the series is still really enjoyable.
    At least it isn’t completely censored like the version on other stations. It’s just the most excessive shots, as I already mentioned.

  20. Noeru
    4:19 am on October 27th, 2008

    went can DVD release?? in january tell me ^^
    i will waiting 4 it

  21. Tsukune
    5:24 am on October 27th, 2008

    The censorship doesn’t bother me, pervertedness isn’t really my thing.


  22. Axeia
    6:43 am on October 27th, 2008

    Keep them coming, I watched Kodomo no Jikan with censoring as well .. which takes up like half the show :P.
    Just keep them coming and when they release the DVD I’ll archive that and rewatch it some time when I get bored :)

  23. Z.E.R.O.
    8:46 am on October 27th, 2008

    Just out of curiosity did you release a batch file for the first season of Rosario to Vampire which is DVD release.. i mean without the censorship??..

    Just wondering.. Thanks ^_^

  24. Axeia
    9:14 am on October 27th, 2008

    btw.. 3:20 – 3:26, younger Moka version… CUUUTE

    I like Kurumu’s mom.. “You can forcefully molest her”, who wouldn’t want a mother in law like that!

  25. cloudsora
    2:57 pm on October 27th, 2008

    No offense but your falling behind being loaded down with all the subbing that you are

  26. zoomag
    3:00 pm on October 27th, 2008

    Aseia! You MILF! But it’s your personal taste so…

    Is m33w doing the DVD release as well later on?

  27. Ecchicon
    4:47 pm on October 27th, 2008

    Is it the shows themselves or you guys taking out the opening and ending, or did i miss something in one of the previous newsposts D:

    I like the op/ed

  28. Shiro
    5:29 pm on October 27th, 2008

    Thanks guys for another release! I always look forward to this one 😉

  29. asagao
    5:59 pm on October 27th, 2008

    @cloudsora: no, we aren’t. None of our main projects are ever slowed down by additional projects. Ever. Absolutely serious. I don’t know why you (and many others) seem to go ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ on us. We’ve never been anything but honest with you guys — if we were having to slow down because of additional projects, we would just work harder until we were on schedule again.

    I realize that you (just like everyone else who b****es about our release speed) won’t believe my explanation, but I won’t let accusations like yours stand.

    In this specific case, Rosario and Vampire would be released much more quickly if, say, I worked on it (I definitely could). However, I’m not going to, because I don’t believe in spreading crap around. All our other projects are on perfect schedule, except for Seto, which never really had a release schedule.

  30. yaHzee
    7:28 pm on October 27th, 2008

    I’m having problems witht he ordered chapters, kinda like what ecchion said, it doesnt show up. I have the OP and the ED files and episode 3 all in the same folder, but it just doesnt show up. Im using MPC, with CCCP installed. Any way to fix this?

  31. Mat
    8:33 pm on October 27th, 2008

    I don’t understand why only certain pants views are censored °_°, do they censor only when someone bends forward? °_°

  32. Mercfh
    9:13 pm on October 27th, 2008

    what is all this shit about the Bat? does he sing in the OP/ED or something?
    if so, i hate the bat and I havent even watched it yet.

  33. Skullman
    6:34 am on October 28th, 2008

    @Mat, they are just censoring the parts in where you can see the anatomy details… I mean, crotch lines and some private volumes.

  34. Mercfh
    8:07 am on October 28th, 2008

    oh lol ok i thought u meant something else ahah

  35. bSinc2K
    4:57 pm on October 28th, 2008

    \(^_^)/ WOHOOOOO!
    Thanks for this release :)

  36. DmonHiro
    12:43 am on October 29th, 2008

    Big deal, so they ceonsor some pantyshots. Go watch some hentai if that’s why you are watching it for.

  37. 4giv3m3
    5:55 am on October 29th, 2008

    “Big deal, so they ceonsor some pantyshots. Go watch some hentai if that’s why you are watching it for”
    Not some but nearly all =.=

  38. AYAK
    10:35 am on October 31st, 2008

    thanks a million for your hard work 😀

  39. Axeia
    4:22 pm on October 31st, 2008

    Looks like it’s getting worse :<
    Guess the bears are a network thing at least?

  40. jadesterne
    9:48 pm on October 31st, 2008

    Ordered chapters sistem is good, but is not cover insert song title in ending credit for example mizore and kurumu song in epd.3!!! do you have solution for this? Thank’s^~^ btw, sorry bad english…

  41. AfTaStEr
    6:49 am on November 1st, 2008

    Awsome Thanks Alot :)

  42. Rurouni
    4:55 pm on November 1st, 2008

    I have a little problem with RV2 ep02. With the combination of mpc-hc + haali splitter + ffdshow-tryouts, I can’t play it properly. There would be audio only and no video. If I move it forward, then the picture showed up, but still can’t play it properly.
    If I don’t use ffdshow and use the internal decoding from mpc-hc, it works… If I use WMP instead of mpc-hc (still with haali and ffdshow), it works. If I use mpc-hc with internal mkv splitter and ffdshow, it works.

    When I looked the chapter file, I found out that the movie starts at 00:00:00.020000000… when I change that 2 to 0, everything works fine.

    So, between complaining to the mpc-hc, ffdshow-tryouts, haali, or you guys to fix this, maybe the easier one would be you :) Just don’t put time between 00:00:00.010000000 – 00:00:00.120000000 at the start and everything would be fine.


  43. bahkah
    9:27 pm on November 1st, 2008

    There is no point in Rosario since they censored everything. The story line needs A LOT OF WORK and the episodes are predictable. Pantsu was what kept the anime good. Since it’s gone, I don’t see a point in watching it anymore!

  44. ????
    9:52 pm on November 1st, 2008

    Keep subbing it, I still want to watch it even if it is censored… but it would be better if you guys can find uncensored ones~ ^0^

  45. syst3,
    1:57 pm on November 2nd, 2008

    I didn’t thing it would end up being annoying, but boy was i wrong…