I know some of you guys were complaining about the boxtorrents tracker. I know, we hate it too. We’ve moved the torrents to a private tracker, so hopefully it works now. Easier than clicking 24 separate torrents.

Download: Special A Batch (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Special A Batch (h264) – [Bittorrent]


  1. J
    11:42 am on October 11th, 2008

    Thanks for the up. I downloaded all the your eps when your guys released it, but had to delete them as HD ran our of room. Now I can download the Batch and burn.

  2. Liro
    12:11 pm on October 11th, 2008

    Yeah and how it works!! 830kb/s that’s awsome
    Up until now I never had any problems with downloads from your side but however
    THX for the Batch
    I’ll be camping for your next release so I hope it comes soon :)

  3. KingProgdor
    2:07 pm on October 11th, 2008

    Convenient download is convenient. I wasn’t planning on downloading it, but since it’s all in one I can just grab and watch.

    Thanks very much.

  4. Japfreak
    8:16 pm on October 11th, 2008

    Thanks for switching the torrents! xD

    But omg, did you guys dropped the joint with Eclipse for To Aru Majutsu no Index? I saw the project page… =(

  5. KingProgdor
    8:40 pm on October 11th, 2008

    Japfreak, I’d certainly hope that isn’t the case. The show just started and it looks awesome.

    Anyways, Special A torrent just under an hour away from completion. The torrent has stuck it through all day.

  6. CP
    5:03 pm on October 12th, 2008

    BoxTorrents is a good tracker site for archive anime, but I do no thínk it is really suited to fan sub direct distro (considering it’s ratio requirements, etc.). Good move.

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  8. Hikari
    5:50 pm on April 11th, 2009

    Could you seed the tracker, please??