Four countries in five episodes. They sure cover good ground in this show. Episode 05 introduces a new bishie from a fictional country.


  1. w00t
    8:06 pm on May 12th, 2009

    Yay more Kajika!!! Thanks m.3.3.w!

  2. nikici
    11:39 pm on May 12th, 2009

    Oh, that was fast. 😀 Thank you.

  3. Dullahan8
    11:56 pm on May 12th, 2009

    You guys sure are busy all of a sudden. Three posts in a day, that’s something rare.

    From Ichigo69: If you like it, just get on the chatbox and tell asagao to start TLC’ing 😉

  4. Moon Phase
    8:31 am on May 13th, 2009

    Hey, guys & girls! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do with the subtitling, been watching your shows since School Days and plan to do so for al ong time in the future! Cheers!

  5. @Dullahan8
    Well, vacation is just starting to turn around the corner. If that helps….

  6. CP
    2:08 pm on May 13th, 2009


    This really feels like classical m.3.3.w territory 😉

  7. Wayde
    7:13 pm on May 13th, 2009

    Epic win. I just finished episode 4 and I was like “I wonder if 5 is out yet…”. And here it is.

  8. Hey this is good stuff. So glad you posted. I like reading blogs like this. Sandy

  9. Cool blog, like what I read. Will be back to read more. Adding to RSS feeder. Bob

  10. Burnt Toast
    1:26 am on May 14th, 2009

    It appears you have bots on the site now.

    Um, we’ve always had bots. if you go #m.3.3.w on IRC, all of the users with a % are bots.

  11. *TeaTea*
    9:10 am on May 14th, 2009

    Okay I call dibs on the new bishie!!!!

  12. xess
    2:18 am on May 15th, 2009

    @Burnt Toast

    The bots have always been there. Just that they were never linked from this site because it’s too much trouble to keep typing out the links manually.

    I recently coded a simple system to just read the CRC of the file and do a search on our distro’s website. Cases of identical CRCs should be rare enough.

  13. thanks you very much for the realese.. ^^