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Christmas Special! Okay, so I’m reviewing this a few months late, oh well.

There was a movie released a few years ago, 1994 thereabouts — some of you young whippersnappers weren’t even alive back then, were you? A light comedy — well, Crunchyroll must really like that comedy, because they confused Ol’ Saint Nick with “The Santa Clause.” Now, this is understandable enough — I mean, we can’t really expect professional quality from Crunchyroll. After all, they’re busy people, with families, and psychological traumas early in their childhoods, a bunch of truly troubled indiv–

tl;dr CR sucks.

Also, “woot” is not English.

In other comedyroll, at 11:30-ish through the episode, see that line “You mustn’t underestimate overworking?” That’s nowhere in the episode.

Also also! This is really cool — according to Crunchyroll, Haruka’s never given a present to a man before. This is cool, because it’s previously unknown information, even to the producers of the show! CR is truly doing you guys a service (it could be that they have an early version of the script, before it was trimmed to fit in the 30min. time slot?).

(this really is nitpicking, I mean, they do a decent job. I have no beef with CR (edit: I changed my mind about this, CR really does suck). Just, as xess has said, fansubbing passing grade is 100% accuracy (grammar is also important). But, you know, commercial subs != fansubs. (edit: Actually, that’s insulting to real commercial subs. Crunchyroll is a farce, whom am I trying to kid?))

On with the episode. In this exciting fanservice-filled (read: softcore pr0n) episode of Nogi-etc. ~Purezza~, there are enough presents for everyone. I don’t care if you have a thing for little girls (just don’t get the FBI on your trail, ‘k? don’t want to make a bad name for us anime-watchers), high school girls (see above, unless 18+ and with consent), or older/matured women (we are not responsible for armed husbands with intents to kill or severely maim) — there is something here for you.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but — Seto no Hanayome’s Seto Clan; NHNH’s Nogizaka family — same family dynamic? Even the voices are similar.

I’m sure you’ve already enjoyed this episode (especially the eyecatches), so I’ll do my best to catch up with all of you. See you next episode!

(also, prtscn 16:16 thereabouts — that’s a keeper)

P.S.: The last episode I TLC’ed for m.3.3.w was HanaSei 13, on September 3, 2009. That’s like, 6 months ago?

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