In this episode, Yuuto is invited to a party for his services in episode 3, as personal attendant to that loli of fiery ice, Tennouji Touka. We are also introduced to the rest of the ranked members of the Nogizaka Family Maid Team. I must say, I was so happy, watching this episode of NHNH~P~, due to the overall consistency and, dare I say it, high quality of the Crunchyroll subbing. They even got the names right (except for the fourth ranked maid, who should be Minamo, not Minao (this is miswritten only once)). (To be frank, there are a few small errors (2 != 5, grammatical errors, internal inconsistencies, etc.), but other groups make errors like that too occasionally, so it’s okay right?)

Enough about CR errors, let’s talk about in-episode inconsistencies. There is an in-episode sign announcing the party as the 95th; however, Hazuki calls it the 59th (is this an error due to her being flustered, or an actual error in the script? it is difficult to tell).

So far, this has been the most enjoyable episode for me of this series (of the second-season episodes, anyway). I would actually recommend you watch this, even if you don’t like the series in general. Especially of note is the fact that Haruka herself has only a minor role, which is cool, because MEIDO >> Haruka. On a side note, it seems that Alice-chan (moe~~~~~~) has grown taller in this episode? — she seemed a lot smaller bef– Okay, maybe not.


P.S./TL Note: Hatano-san is the voice actor for Yuuto.

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