Here is Working!! Episode 03. Enjoy.

And a status update on Mayoi Neko Overrun:

Ep 1 is (For the most part) good to go. As is Ep 2. Ep 3 is at editing and TLC apply. The plan right now is to release 1-3 at the same time so we can catch up (slowfags much)

Nonetheless we will put em out…soon.


v2 coming up; I used a video with very poorly encoded audio, sorry. This is a major change, and will include fixed timing, TS, QC, and TL. Thanks to all our fans for pointing out our mistakes, and yet again emphasizing why we don’t get paid for what we do. –With love, asa

It took a while cause of some gay delays (Blame `Jaka if you want). But its finally here and ep 2 and 3 will follow soon.

And before you ask, no there is no XviD.

Allow me to explain, I asked the Encoder if he wanted to do a low rez version, he said no, so there ya have it. If enough people rage to the point of explosion we may bring XviD/lo-rez back, but dont count on it, sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

Anyway thar she blows!

h264 Wait for v2.

Oh and the Side pic was specially requested by Rika-chama, I myself find the pic distasteful, but he seems to like that stuff.

Well, I know it’s generally /tits/ or GTFO, but a shimapan is fine, too….

~Rika-chama (Ao… Shiro… Ao… Shiro… Ao… Shiro…)

Typical staff: xess – TL; asagao – TL check (Onimal – TLC for ep.2); Rika-chama(Ichigo69) – edit; ThaEagle – typeset; euronymous – karaoke; Chaosrains (new staff) & Jing (new staff) – QC; Nicholi – encode; Saoen – slave-driver/disaster mitigation/distro

Storyline: Tsuzuki Takumi works at a bakery with his sister Otome and childhood friend Souryuu Asuka Langley Serizawa Fumino. Otome likes to bring cats home from her travels, but one day she brings home something a little different…

Genre: Through standard lighthearted mildly-ecchi comedy plotline techniques, hilarity ensues. Think Nogizaka Haruka (Season 1) in terms of seriousness, with more heartwarming fuzziness and dollops of tsundere, but fewer anime references and sugary-sweet flirting scenes. –asagao

To those fags still liking yuri-porn, I’ve readded Strawberry Panic ED1 and ED2 PVs on the m33w-ddl. Enjoy it as I did, back when that show aired. And a special, special thanks goes out to bd_ from Doremi-Fansubs, WinD, and wherever he works, for if it wasn’t for him correcting my translation on ED2 PV, it would of never turned out so great.

Yeah… That includes you too, Fighter747.

Finally we have episode 02



Here is the final episode of So.Ra.No.Wo.To

So ummm….yay?

Batch torrents for the h264 release and XviD release are both on the releases page.

h264 | XviD

Before you ask this is the same as the pre-air version, but it doesn’t look as shitty. So I guess you could say its a v2 but its not.

As for the delay well…life sucks


Im hammered so I got nothing to say but here is episode 11.

If I had a bad spelling take it up with management.

Episode 12 is at Final QC, so hopefully it will be out soon………..

h264 | XviD