Im hammered so I got nothing to say but here is episode 11.

If I had a bad spelling take it up with management.

Episode 12 is at Final QC, so hopefully it will be out soon………..

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  1. philip
    2:07 am on April 11th, 2010

    thanks for this, you guys are the best by far for this series. Keep it up!!!

  2. Shikamaru
    7:55 am on April 12th, 2010

    Hey are you guys subbing the new Working!! episode yet? I dying to see it.

  3. We are working on Working!!, but it’s a lot of work and some other work that we’re working on is taking precedence right now.

  4. Shikamaru
    4:15 am on April 13th, 2010

    I know ur busy I was just wondering if you’d started yet. 🙂