Normally, when we give updates, it’s to say that we’re making progress but you just haven’t seen it yet. I’m here to tell you that Mayoi Neko Overrun has been in the same place for at least 3 weeks. Xess was arrested, charged with possession of child pr0n0graphic materials again, you know, the usual, so he can’t translate right now.

**Working is still in progress, 9 and 10 are hopefully gonna be released tonight, granted that the editor comes around eventually to apply the QC’s**

Finally, regarding Sora no Woto specials. Yeah, I might sub that. Depends on demand.

Otherwise, not a lot is going on with us. Keep waiting, we might release something this year.

Double releases for the win.

9 and 10 soon to follow (Sometime this year maybe?)

7 @ h264

8 @ h264

Yah yah we are slow we know.

7-9 to follow soon


For those of you wondering what the fuck is going on this blog post will answer all of your questions.

To start off Working!! as I’m sure most of you know, has been for the most part delayed. It has been delayed for many reasons. Our main Typesetter is/has been busy for the past week. And our other Typesetter has some private issues and isn’t returning (As far as I know). But I can say that our main TS’er is back and is (hopefully) working on the TS work very soon (Once he finishes what he needs to finish first of course). Once the TS is done for 6 and 7 they will promptly be released. Episode 8 is at the Editing stage and will be done soon, and Episode 9 is in the early stages of producing Work raws, etc.

Now Mayoi neko overrun hit a snag with the TS stage, as well as the TLC stage. But it isn’t as nearly as far behind as Working!! is. Episode 5 just needs to be TS’ed, and Episode 6 still needs to be edited (Yes I am looking at you Rika-Chama). Episode 7 is being/will be TLC’ed soon and will move onto the other stages.

Any questions you can find me somewhere (Like irc for instance).

**UPDATED 6/3/2010**

Some of you may remember a while back when I announced we were accepting banners for the site. Well since we didn’t get a lot of banners (so far) we will be extending the acceptance of banners until noted otherwise. So send em in!

Send them to in case you don’t remember.

I need to note as well that we are in dire need of another Typesetter (aka TS’er). Right now we have 1 TS’er doing 2 shows on top of what he does for other groups. So if you are a TS’er, and you think you can be on par (Or better) with the TS’ing in the majority of our shows. Find me on IRC.