Mind you only a hand full of you, want this and we shall deliver a incredibly accurate translation of SMB: The Great Princess Peach Rescue!, but I have to question myself a bit here… So, I ask you the viewers who’ve played (almost) every Mario game in existence…

– Is there a ‘fling’ going on between Bowser/Princess Peach/Mario? (No Luigi doesn’t count, he gets that crazy chick Daisy.)

– Is Princess Peach really Mario’s boyfriend or just a booty call?

– Another thing… Just where in the hell did the Koopalings come from? (Don’t give me that Clawdia Koopa mish-mash. You know good in well that he (Bowser) wanted some ‘Sweet Peach Pie’ ™ any day of the week if he could get himself a slice of it.)

Please feel free to comment below. I’m sure there’s plenty more questions boggling your minds as you think about things like this. Esp those who’ve played New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

On a related note, there’s not much left for this, except some minor time touch-ups, a pre-created splash, very minor editing, then a release. I can’t work our dates and time for you because you know how that goes.

3domoe – Still temporary stuck but soon, soon a release I hope! Gotta get on him though. And good news! That show got a 2nd season in 2011! Only 8 shows but more content from the manga!!! One of my favorite scenes from 3domoe, is v3 ch 49, pg 81. Go check it out if you have a raw vol available!


  1. philip
    6:03 am on September 11th, 2010

    Are you high? lol

    Bro, get to the questions in general instead of asking something silly. =P And yeah for this month it’s been a little like a blog of some sorts, Still stuff in general to work on and be released but others just to think about. We ain’t all SERIOUS BUSINESS now every day, ya’ hear?

  2. HERLoct_HENT
    6:37 am on September 11th, 2010

    Wew, i’m happy when you said you’d release Mitsudomoe. Coz another fags group is dropping it, and the other are horrible enough, and the others are really slow.

    Thanks a lot for your hardwork. 😀

    Ya, I also appreciate the love too, but I just wanted someone in general to use their brain to give me something to work on with this show. (But don’t worry I still care about you equally. =P)

  3. Scr1be
    12:49 pm on September 11th, 2010

    Peach is a dude?
    “- Is Princess Peach really Mario’s boyfriend or just a booty call?”

    She just might be. You know with Super Mario Brawl X screenshots of her panties and all. Go google to find out.

  4. ShinnFlowen
    9:07 am on September 12th, 2010

    I think there’s more Luv happening with bowser and mario than mario and peach, just use naruto as reference and you’ll understand how affectionate mario really is with boswer. Bowser is peach’s ex-boyfriend.

  5. NikkSword
    11:37 am on September 12th, 2010

    To wit:

    -Yes, there is plenty going on there. Bowser is in love with Peach, which seems to be why he keeps kidnapping her in most of the Mario games. He marries her in Super Paper Mario (It is part of an evil plot, so she says ‘I do’ when she is under mind control, so they aren’t actually married). In Super Mario RPG, she almost gets married to a guy, but mario saves her, and she says she wants to marry Mario someday. Mario never talks, but he always rescues the princess, so it seems Bower loves Peach, Peach loves Mario, and Mario is too afraid/shy/busy/stupid/Mario is mute except for the occasional ‘Mama Mia!’ to tell Peach he loves her too.

    -Good question. There is nothing official saying they are together. He always rushes to go save her, and he doesn’t seem to have his eye on anyone else. Some female characters in a few Mario games seem to flirt and try to get him to stop wanting Princess Peach, but he never seems to respond. All Mario gets is a kiss on the cheek or maybe a cake, so I would say probably both!

    -Who knows? The koopalings just appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 out of nowhere. They are said to be Bowsers kids, but there is no female…err… Koopa…turtle-thing for Bower to produce kids with. Then all of a sudden he has 7 kids! Clawdia was mentioned in one magazine one time, so I doubt that is it. And then in Super Mario Sunshine, there is Bowser Jr. so that is 8 kids! Bowser Jr. says he knows Peach is not his mother. And in Super Mario Bros. Wii, Bowser Jr. says the koopalings are his brothers and sister. So… maybe Bowser lays eggs all by himself? Or.. nobody knows what happens between the time Bowser captures Peach and Mario saves her…. And Bowser does REALLY love Peach…