Sorry for the long delay on this episode. Our TS’er is in London and our editor had a family issue that had higher priority. Either way here is episode 4 now, episode 5 will be out tonight or tomorrow.


Sorry for the 1 day delay. I could tell you why it was delayed a day but Its a secret I’d have to kill you.


Little bit faster then last week, a trend maybe?

Have to see down the road


Quick word from Ichigo69:
In case you were wondering what the whiteboard at the first says:
Swine-Tarou’s Masochism Rehabilitation Project
–Dunking in boiling water
–The Cream Stew Theory Strategy

I have NFI what ‘The Cream Stew Theory Strategy is, and I prolly don’t wanna know, however it sounds like it would send Tarou deep into ドM mode pretty quickly……


– Came to call of TMD, ‘cuz Chrono was orz’ing
– Helped, add -tagg
– Encoded files, commensed lulz
– Release.
– Here’s post.
– Became tsun for more PSG.

Pick Your Poison:
– [In Glorious 480p]
– [Or FABULOUS (upscaled) 720p]

Other shit to come soon. Asses to be chewed, files to be done, plenty of lulz to be had. See you soon with another release.

New show we decided to pick up this season. Hopefully its not shit.

Oh which reminds me, here is a message from the shows editor:

Anime Junkies era useless translation note: The first word she says is “Chesuto”, which is a Japanese battle cry that is said to have originated from Kashogima

Without further delay, here is episode 1 of MM!