Here’s the OVA and the link to those uninformed of it.
(P.S. In before half of you plug up a USB controller and “Push Start.” before reading the wall of tl;dr.)

Synopsis and Q&A below:

“This is a tale about 4 fansubbers gathered and lead by a mysterious Dog_Man to defeat ‘The Evil Grasps of Crapsubs’ that has tarnished this OVA forever more. Here are their stories.”

The 4 Legendary Subbers
“The 4 Legendary Subbers”

Mario (Epicus): “Whut? Mario OVA? Sounds interesting!”
Luigi {JJS): “AIDS!!” (< — First thought when seeing ‘raw source’ used.)
Toad (Starmaker) – ‘Source & Inspiration To Prologue’:
“LOL! Sure!”
Princess Peach (Luna Lovegood): “An anime about Mario?! This is going to be hilarious! Sure I’ll do it!”

(Originally the 5th)
Birdo (Piroko): “Ehhhh? Say what?” (Stubborn, unyielding, and lazy. I had to drag him by his feet to finish the job. Most of the delay is thanks to him.) (P.S.: Still love you bro! =P)

My Dream
“One man, one dream. Lead many to defeat all who stands in his way.”

Mario Q&A:

Q: What lead you to do this anyway?
A: Crappy subs, crappy raw, shitty translation.

Q: OMG! My eyes! Wow! That source was shit!
A: Better then a 24 year old VHS tape eh?

Q: So what WAS the source then?
A: A 6-part rip from YouTube. Credits will go to those we used below.

Q: Hey! Why isn’t Luigi green?
A: I guess green didn’t blend in well with the story they were in.

Q: Isn’t Luigi a bit more of a coward?
A: Why yes he is, but in this he’s a greedy son of a bitch. Lucky him. Could of made some more Luigi-only games if he’d keep that attitude but then he’d be Mario #2. Just a bit more talkative.

Q: Bowser voice sucks! He sounds like a whimp!
A: Well, yeah it does, compared to the dubs. He’s less of a bastard now. Obviously can’t put up much a fight.

Q: What’s up with Mario Ramen and Mario Noodles?!
A: Just assume there was a lot of product placement they had to squeeze in to make it sell more.

Credits: Can’t go far without them so, yeah here you go:
SMB 2 Opening:
Gypsy Jazz
SuperBuckJazz (*Recommended listening)

SMB 3 Opening (Remix):
– (Can’t find remixed source, yet, so…)
– Here’s the original link: Super Mario Bros – The Skyland (Remix) by YouTube user Zed4ever

Additional Shots-outs & Misc Information:
YouTube user: mayudama24 – (Originally the source for all 6 raw.)
YouTube user: NintendoWizard22
and his site (Source for Momotaro, OST (w/ link)

Mario 25th Anniversary: (for the Nintendo Wii!)
Link #1 / Link #2 / Link#3 / (Misc.) Link #4 / (Screensavers) Link #5
Out on 12/12/10 – Pre-order yours today!


  1. Megiddo
    12:39 am on November 4th, 2010

    The first one wasn’t all that bad, but the one for Mario 3 was just awful. Mario was born inside a peach? Mario has a gun? Mario teams up with the beasts? They all fight Koopa’s underlings at once? It was just way out in left field.

    Also, where the fuck was the boot? Anyone who has played Mario 3 knows that the boot level is the most awesome level ever.

  2. philip
    2:03 am on November 4th, 2010

    laughed my ass off. thanks for the release.

  3. foozlesprite
    3:33 am on November 4th, 2010

    Just call him…Bluigi. A few other observations:

    Why is she called Peach-hime and not Momo-hime? Weird that they use the English name here. Her voice acting made me cringe through the whole thing. For that matter why doesn’t she rescue herself? She seems more than capable from all the furniture-throwing we see in the opening!

    Why does Mario have zero problems breathing underwater?
    What the hell is with the dog/caterpillar thing?
    Randomly flying ship…okay, then.

    I’m not complaining though, this was hilarious precisely *because* of all its faults, lol. Thanks for the sub.

  4. My bad. First commented dude puts up *their, and at first I had nfi what that dude was talking about. But yeah, sorry again random-posting dude.

  5. @foozlesprite

    Apparently she’s always been known as Peach in Japan; I don’t remember her being called Peach in the States until Super Mario 64. Before then, she was always Princess Toadstool here.

    Anyway, terrible pair here, but I commend you all for bringing us this little slice of hilarity. Good work!

  6. foozlesprite
    12:34 am on November 5th, 2010


    Huh. That’s cool trivia to know. Thanks! I had fun going on to watch the SMB ones; random Koopas in space FTW!