Originally, this was suppose to be a “Picture Drama CD” release.  However, after scaring away two Typesetters and an 3rd one/encoder (almost…) I think it was time to give up that idea.  So, to those who have EVER worked on a Drama CD or anything related, I salute you bastards because it takes a hell of a lot of ::effort:: to make shit like this happen.

– ItAintEazy – TL/QC Apply
– Korokun – QC
– goof – Typesetter
– LGDArm – Typesetter
– Commander^A – Typesetter/Encoder

Mitsu Drama CD Manga, Title, Raw Information:
Drama #1 – Scissorman At Puberty
– v.01 c.009 pg 073 – 080

Drama #2 – Has It Been Bandaged? Has It Not?
– v.02 c.025 pg 043 – 050

Drama #3 – Drowsy Voodoo
– v.06 c.115 pg 148 – 155

Drama #4 – Sniff-Sniff Katou
– v.05 c.088 pg 080 – 087

Drama #5 – A Thousand Deep Sighs
– v.07 c.131 pg 128 – 136

Drama #6 – Nipples Warning
– Drama CD Original

Cast (and their respective colors):

Yabe Satoshi           Red
Marui Futaba         Maroon
Marui Hitoha          Black
Marui Mitsuba       Brown
Miyashita                Auburn
Sugisaki Miku        Purple
Yoshioka Yuki        Russet
Kuriyama Aiko       Royal fuchsia
Chiba Yuudai          Green
Satou Shinya          Dark blue
Random boy           Teal
Random boy 2        Blue
Random girl            Pink
Matsuoka Sakiko   Dark purple
Ogata Airi               French rose
Itou Shiori              Dogwood rose
Katou Mayumi      Peach
Sugisaki Marina    Lavender
Principal Noda       Gray
Marui Soujirou       Eggplant
Police                       Navy blue
Customer                Indigo
Clerk                       Gray asparagus

In other news:
– Fighting Beauty Wulong will find itself being released as a 5pk per every 2 weeks after the first release. (25 eps.)
– Mitsudomoe S1 will be released via BDs, and we will work on Mitsudomoe 2.


  1. philip
    2:56 am on December 25th, 2010

    Wow, to even do the drama CDs… m33w is the jack of all trades :]

  2. Onimiko
    10:39 pm on December 25th, 2010

    Thanks for including the chapter numbers. I’m reading along with the original manga. It’s nice to see they added extra dialogue.