Granny taking a swift kick to the grill.

A little late but yeah whatever. FYI change Zen to Zou and it’ll be fixed later in the batch.

Ep 01: H264 / AVI

asagao here again, to summarise stuff without summarising it at all. In this episode, there are a lot of Sadako reaction-faces, and they’re all high-quality, so right off the bat you know this is going to be a good episode. Apart from that, we learn more about Kento’s personality, learn what that garden Sadako was planting in episode 2 is all about, and learn some math.

Hmm, I think it’s time for some TL notes. A Kokeshi doll is a wooden doll, almost always female (as far as I know). We have a few at my house, so I’m pretty familiar with them. They’re old-fashioned little things, but they have a very distinctive shape: their bodies are cylinders. For more information, jfgi, etc.

At some point, there’s a joke about an ant. The word for ants (γ‚’γƒͺ, ‘ari’) sounds the same as another word (ζœ‰γ‚Š (I think), ‘ari’) that means roughly ‘to have’ or ‘to not be impossible’. In the case of this episode, it refers to (as I understand it) *spoiler* Kento’s growing perception of the appeal of a girl like Sadako. */spoiler*

Finally, it seems that another prominent group (unfortunately, not Lunar — I <3 alpha-timing) has begun releasing episodes of Kimi ni Todoke S2 as well. We think that’s very cool of them, and, quite frankly, welcome the competition. So, no, as a matter of fact, we won’t be dropping KnT. We will ‘deliver to you’ (search this on tokyotosho for an “adult” (16+) bonus πŸ˜‰ ) only the best qaulity subs at slower-than-speedsub-but-still-pretty-fast speeds, until this series ends. Thanks for caring.



Kekeke! Chuck, chuck, chuck, CHUCK! Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuuuuuck. Chuck!

BD Release(s): 01 / 02
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In this, the second episode of KnT, we welcome in the start of the second school year for Sadako & co. This episode formally introduces (oh dangit what’s his name again..) Miura Kento. Yeah yeah, I know, technically you saw him and his classmate Teru in episode 1, but you just thought they were bit characters at the time, huh? WELL SURPRI–


This episode has a bit more mopey high-school introspection than usual, which is to say, it’s overflowing. That’s cool, I guess — this time it felt a bit forced, but maybe that’s just me. If you like Great Teacher Pin, he’s sorta the star of the (important parts of the) show this time around. Also, the desks are really nice-looking. I want one. So pika-pika shainii~

Ichigo69 Edit: Somebody brought something to our attention. Evidently there are a couple of places where you get something like this.
This is caused by some random null character deciding it was going to invade our script. The perpetrators of this heinous deed have been hunted down like the dogs they are, flayed alive with knives, hung by the neck until almost dead, disemboweled, and then shot. They should pose no more threat to your wonderful Kimi ni Todoke 2 experience ever again. We fixed the script, but since this is really, really minor and might not even affect anybody, we’re going to put the v2 in the batch and not worry about it until then.

Koro’s Edit: And below the patch to fix problem for both. Just delete the one you don’t need.
(480p) CRC: 318401A0 MD5: CAE776517F4E08113FFADBB5F5F85ACF
(720p) CRC: 12EFFA53 MD5: 86CACB2CDC4D5B9D5632C83A3CD6899B

HD | SD | PATCH (for HD/SD)

Also, existence is a fabulous miracle.

Dear LIME/Gotwoot,

“When time was tough you knew how to buckle up under pressure. That’s why I love you so. Oh let me count thy ways under the moonlight. My love for you is infinite and everlasting, although you act so tsun to me. Oh how I wish you will accept it and be one with me!”
– With Hugs and Kisses, Korokun.

Releases: 01 & (PATCH) / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

*CRC Rechecks: Below are the CRCs that ‘should’ of been if I would of checked it against the file itself. Here is the .bat to restore those CRCs to their correct hashes. Just place within same folder and double click file. It will rename the file to its respected new CRC.

Ep 1 – New: F2CA20BA / MD5: 820092E61BEFEF39A8A12444FC662C44
Ep 2 – New: 1C5B8E2C / MD5: 83E4A302A0E628FCB2F626AC09A2D0B1
Ep 3 – New: 37128981 / MD5: 73CCCFDE4B1A2731930CD6A8C25CA4E2
Ep 4 – New: F1019206 / MD5: DED0AFC6CB3CD725B71CC32428239CF9
Ep 5 – New: 5936E91D / MD5: B3A63B699F8E26B4705A16738EE756D0

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As alluded to in episode 0, this episode is the Valentine’s Day episode. If you’ve watched enough anime, you probably know the basic premise of an episode such as this, but Kimi ni Todoke doesn’t let us down in terms of eventfulness. Nice winter snowscapes in the episode — ironically, it is also currently snowing outside as I write this (though I can’t personally verify that from this room, since there are no windows here). I want to say more, but pretty much anything I say about the episode will end up being a spoiler, so I’ll just let you guys watch the episode, yeah?

An explanation of the Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan can be found under the “Bored” tab of this site. I’ve never liked the phrase “obligatory chocolate,” but that’s the super-literal translation, so we left it. In a short paragraph, “obligatory” (giri) chocolates are the ones you give as courtesy to those you have been close to (usually friends or co-workers, people like that), the people you have a (loosely speaking) close relationship with. Oh, wait, that wasn’t really a paragraph, was it? Oh well.

By the way, about a third of the way in, there’s a scene with Chizu-chan, and some horses. Since no one wants to see badly written puns in their subs, I’ll explain it long-hand here. うまい (umai) = delicious. γ‚¦γƒžγƒΌγ€€(うまあ) (umaa) = “delish”. 馬 (うま) (uma) = horse. You see the joke?


The first 3 are actually ninja crc’d, with minor corrections to the translation and a touch of editing for taste.Β  The other 3 are new added in for your enjoyment.

Special Drama Edition (Bluray release from the 1st & 4th BDs.)
396p / 720p

ItAintEazy – Translation / Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter
Nicholi – Encoder (1-3)
SpiegelEiXXL – Encoder (4-6)

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Season two begins, somewhat appropriately, with a recap episode. This was really great for me, as I haven’t watched all of season one yet, so now I’m caught up. (I’ll actually watch all the S1 episodes soon. I think.) The episode is sort of a Kurumi special, or, you might say, Kimi ni Todoke S1 from Kurumi’s view. So the epic Sadako reaction-faces are still there, just not as many as usual. However, you get a lot of Kurumi action. Even middle school Kurumi action. Middle school bishoujo ftw.

Oh. And there are “<chaosrains> SPARKLES AND BUBBLES”.

Anyway, sorry that this isn’t a super-exciting episode. The recap aspect of the show let us put a lot of energy into the OP/ED and logo, however, so hopefully at least those parts are accurate. (Well, hopefully all the subs are accurate, yes?) See y’all next week! Also, apologies for the slowness — acquiring a high-quality raw was more difficult than usual, stalling us out for a bit. Look forward to lightning-release next week.

(Also, a random thought. The author of this manga must’ve really liked drawing bathrooms? A good 10% of the anime occurs in a bathroom.)


Also here is an SD version for those of you who wanted one. The rest of the series will have an HD and SD version as well.


Here is a link for the v2 patch if you wish to patch your version. This patch fixes the scene bleeds and fixes the subs not showing up

In other words… Season 2 for the inept.Β  Love the show a bit to much to let other faggots take away our fun.

ItAintEazy – Translator
SpigelEiXXL (“The German Bastard”) (=3) – Encoder/Typesetting
Koro (“Iceburg Slim”) – QC

This is an update to the first 6, since the encoder didn’t like what c^A did, so we did away with lolreso (1440×1080) and the black bars to make it a better looking and archivable release.Β  Speaking of, the m33w-ddl is updated as well, with those now available and yes, we still we be working on Mitsu 2 for sure.Β  I don’t know about how long it’ll take us with Mitsu 1 but you can be sure it’ll get done.

Mitsudomoe Drama CD – The Beginning Of A Legend..
396p / 720p


ItAintEazy – Translation/Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter (ir master @ MS Paint!)
Nicholi – Encoder

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