The first 3 are actually ninja crc’d, with minor corrections to the translation and a touch of editing for taste.  The other 3 are new added in for your enjoyment.

Special Drama Edition (Bluray release from the 1st & 4th BDs.)
396p / 720p

ItAintEazy – Translation / Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter
Nicholi – Encoder (1-3)
SpiegelEiXXL – Encoder (4-6)

Mitsu Drama CD Manga, Title, Raw Information:
– #1 – Futaba-san Chenji (Futaba’s Change!)
v.03 ch.056 pg.141-146
– #2 – Oyayubi Sagashi (Thumb Search)
v.02 ch.034 pg.119-126
– #3 – *Mitsuba no Naka no Tenshi to Akuma

(Mitsuba’s Inner Angel & Devil)
Original Drama Story

– #4 – Oyako Club (orig. Parent & Daughter Club / changed to: Like Father, Like Daughter)
v.05 ch.097 pg.152-159
– #5 – Nazo Butai no Are (Secret Squad Stuff)
v.07 ch.121 pg.045-052
– #6 – *Mitsudomoe Fairy Tales: Next Vol. Preview / COUNTDOWN Satou-kun!

Original Drama Story

*Denotes that the following are not in the manga nor can be found in as such.

In Other News:
– Mitsudomoe S2 is still a GO! Script has been translated and timed, and now @ TLC.  More soon to come later on that… (Really and honestly we ‘don’t do’ status updates unless it comes with an release.)
– Fighting Beauty Wulong is @ QC Apply / Editing, which won’t take me long, so you’ll prob see that sometime next week.  And yeah, that Tetsuko no Tabi…? I haven’t forgotten it.  I might actually put that in plan this month.
– Ah yes! I do plan on recorrecting the titles for [01-06] of the CD Drama (Original Drama CD) and the ones for [01-03], but that will happen when I do a final batch of them after BD vol. 6 (Sp. Drama CD #3) and BD vol. 7 (Sp. Drama CD #4).

*P.S.: Apologies for the extra “CD” in the file. It’ll get corrected in the final batch.

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