Sorry for the long wait. Below are links for the SD and HD batches. You can also find these in our IRC channel as well as the DDL page, enjoy!


tun made a random appearance on irc and we are celebrating by throwing out a random release, have fun.

Oh, yah. If we don’t release by 3 days after airing next week, its all Saoen’s fault. ( /msg Saoen where be that release? )

Also our magic 8-ball predicts there will be a minimum of 7 years before next ep of mm! is out.

Ichigo69 comment:
The Desu YO! thing comes from a Japanese comedian. Here’s the website, but it’s in moonrunes, so if you don’t know moon, you’ll have to googlate or babelfish it… Anyway, Menma says desuno after a lot of her sentences, which is where the wordplay comes in later in the episosde. This gets into an untranslatable wordplay which I tried to do something to bring it out, but probably failed… Oh well, enjoy the ep. This anime is turning out to possibly be one of the best animes this season.


Here is our spring show, Ano Hana (The actual name is like over 9000 sentences long). I stayed up extra late for this so enjoy.


This isn’t something I normally do but today is a new day. We are in dire need of Quality Checkers (also known as QC) to help QC our current and future releases. If you think you may be interested just find our recruitment channel and ask anyone in the channel with a & or myself.

Just a bit of friendly info before you do so though. Please have some form of experience because we dont want to teach you how to use Aegisub or various other programs or how to turn on your computer.

Well its finally done. Hope you enjoyed the ride. We are going to release the batch later so we can do some touch up on a couple things. Now its time for the spring, thanks for watching!

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

To all the wonderful guys and gals that have supported m.3.3.w and made my time here wonderful,

Life has finally gotten to the point where I simply can’t get all my real-life obligations taken care of and also sub anime at the same time. Lately, the only reason why projects have been stalling is me having conflicts working with classmates on projects, or as bassist for my new band, or chasing after girls, and subbing has taken a backseat. I don’t want to give you fans any less than you deserve, so in the interests of keeping releases up to the quality I know you’ve all grown to expect from us, I’ve informed the group that I am resigning as translation checker for the group. The only active project this affects is Kimi ni Todoke, and unfortunately, we don’t have a backup TLC, so we’ll be dropping the project. I’m really sorry about this whole disaster, but for the first time I feel like I really have a chance with a girl (not just mai waifu, Tohno Minagi), and I’m in my last year of college, so the projects are really difficult this quarter. Before you ask, no, we can’t just release the subs omitting the TLC stage — the quality subs you get are a result of several revisions to the script, and until we find another subber fluent in Japanese, we feel that the sub quality would suffer too much without my input. You might also wonder why I’m resigning, as opposed to just becoming inactive for a quarter or two until my schedule opens up again — and this is a valid point. I dunno what to say, anime just isn’t as appealing to me anymore. I mean, I was never a huge anime fan, but lately all these plots are starting to sound too much the same. Also, tun and xess aren’t around anymore, and they were sorta the reason I stayed around as long as I have. The new guys and I just don’t get along the same. Overall, I just can’t get as pumped to TLC stuff as I have been in the past.

tl;dr — KnT S2 dropped, asagao resigning.

Wish you all the best.