We still don’t know the name of the flower that we saw that day. Forget-me-nots. They are these little blue, white, or orange flowers that grow frequently in the wild. During the last couple or three episodes of what is most likely the best anime that has aired this year, they showed these little flowers quite a few times. I’m fairly certain you can figure out the significance. ^__^

I personally have enjoyed editing this show, and I hope you guys have enjoyed watching it just as much. I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to the project:

Translation: Basaka
TLC: blakbunnie27
Editing: Rika-chama, Saoen, Nemui-kun
Typesetting: redd
Karaoke: ThaEagle
Encoding: JJS
QC: JJS, mattchewwu2, Nemui-kun, palmje, Saoen

Ep 11:



  1. elements212
    7:51 pm on July 30th, 2011

    so… anyone else having problems downloading this as there are no seeds???

    Okay, try it now. Nyaa decided to go change their tracker url on everybody…..

  2. seven_arc
    8:05 pm on July 30th, 2011

    Thanks a bunch guys. Now I can finally finish this show.

  3. elements212
    8:20 pm on July 30th, 2011

    that’s brilliant, been waiting a while to see this final episode, thanks a lot team m.3.3.w =)

  4. Aidolon
    10:17 pm on July 30th, 2011


    Looking forward to watching (and archiving) the m.3.3.w releases now that your releases for the series are complete.

    This was definitely the best show of the season.

  5. as_black
    12:08 am on July 31st, 2011

    Thx guys. Btw what’s change in 03v2? No patch?

    damn, it’s been so long, I’ve forgotten orz…

    nvm, I found it:
    I think I might have fixed a couple of other things as well, but I can’t remember…

  6. anon123
    8:45 am on July 31st, 2011

    thank you for your hard work. the best show that made me cry…T_T

  7. Hopscotch
    2:21 pm on July 31st, 2011

    Can’t run this episode over Playstation3 media server, what changed on this last episode ..

    And are anyone elese having same problem ?

  8. karmic
    3:20 pm on August 1st, 2011

    what is most likely the best anime that has aired this year

    thanks for your hard work guys

  9. the ending in episode 8 doesn’t have english sub although it’s no big deal. Thank you for your hard work.