I had an interest in doing all 3 for awhile, just… never got to them. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (or Ninja Cat Legend Teyandee), was a spur of the moment deal, while Tetsuko, I eyed down since it aired back in ’07; making a dream now an reality. Himehime, well… “It’s about damn time you got around to those DVDs!,” as toybox would tell me. With all its glorious and fantabulous typesetting.

**Himehime is ordered chapters. Just slap the files in the same folder with the OP/ED and your gtg. Might also need the latest CCCP, because I had Zar ‘blow up’ the ts for the logo on KNT. This is just incase your computer lags. *cough* Well, at least it’s not a BSOD font. =p

KNT 01: Torrent
TnT 00: Torrent
Himehime: 01 | 02 | 03

Korokun’s Random Thoughts & Comments Corner!

*Applause* No, seriously, first off I didn’t wanna fill up the screen with useless text for Tetsuko no Tabi 00, so here are those screens that you saw and wondered who and what they were.

Going from left to right:

“I heard about it from the monthly publication, ‘Tetsudo Fan!’”
Corporate Partner, ‘Sister Company
Company President: Yamada Junpei-san

“I got into it from the ‘Ticket Transfer Guidebook!'”
Jordan Ltd., Business department.
Sub-manager, Igai Yoichi-san

Sub-leader, Monkura Hisako-san

“I got into it from my love of train tracks!”
Tomitech Inc., New Hobby Department.
Manager of operations, Shimaki Hideki-san

Moriyama Yuuji-san

“He’s a business manager who LOVES trains!”
Holipro Ltd.
Manager, Nanda Yuusuke

“Group Tak”
Notable works: “Manga Japan’s Old Fairytales” / “Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru”

Director: Nagaoka Akio-san
Other notable works: “Sore ike! Anpan Man” and “Touch”

Woot! Now that that’s done let me talk a little bit about KNT & Himehime!

KNT: Originally, this show aired back in the early 1990s, when I was a wee little kid. The dub was awesome and honestly I could never get that out my head, but… (Fast forward to the future…) With a bit of inspiration and a bit of bribery, I managed to ‘talk’ to Norgus about translating the series. Now, don’t get me wrong here. The group that did it, “the former Nyanki-Fanatics,” did an OK job. Wasn’t great, but it sure wasn’t something you’d brag to your friends about. Anyway, in the long haul, we decided to give it a whirl, and here we are. However, the raws are shit. There are no DVD sources of the old Tatsunoko’s KNT anywhere to be found, so if you wanna be a real sport and support it, try to visit this site and register!

Also, since the DDL link is still up and running, nab you a few ‘dubs‘ and enjoy the good old ’90s, when Saturday morning cartoons was worth waking up and watching infomercials just to nab your favorite show at 6am. (This is all shameless pluggin, but that’s okay. This show needs it!)

Himehime: Now, here’s a show I did just to follow after the late ‘yu.’ I didn’t know half the trouble I was going to run into nor the puns that was included in this mess. (Just a side note that this show is very kiddy but truth be told it has some really dark tones, because all the bad guys tried to kill off Himeko as quickly as they saw her. Don’t let the mask fool you. They truly were some wolves in sheep’s clothing.)

All righty, here’s some I missed while working on the series and I sure as hell don’t feel like bothering another typesetter to add them in. Hey, but please do enjoy, because they baffled the hell out of me, the first time I did this series.

– In Episode 01, from 09:11 to 09:14, and 19:26 to 19:29 (Edit: Sorry this is found in the non-chaptered version if you don’t add the OP/ED in the same folder.) found out by none other then asagao! (Go research expert!)
This Noh mask represents the Hannya, a vengeful spirit. Hannya are portrayed as the spirits of dead, betrayed women, or in some cases as demons who take human form to lead others astray. The face displays jealousy or ill will. The name Hannya literally means “wisdom”, but the name of the mask might have derived from the mask maker Hannya-bou.

Probably explains why Aoi is always the “bad guy,” and why Himeko is always afraid of her wraith.

All right that’s it from me. Do have other bits of info to share since this has for the most part been pretty tl;dr.

FBW: Episodes 06 through 10, hopefully by or before the end of the month.

HimeHime: There will be more encodes/releases coming soon when damee gets settled into his new place after moving.

LGC: Surprise! Surprise! LGC is on the move! How soon? Only time will tell! But Collectr is interested and I can’t wait to finish this!

Mitsudomoe S1: What I’m hoping for is, that redd will read this and finish up what ts is left. Get it encoded, watch and release. No Ayako stall will stop me this time! (Drama CD as well!)

Tetsuko no Tabi: Since you got a taste of what’s to come, be prepared, it’s a non-stop trip to and back! Looking and hoping once timing is done on the last 3 episodes that I’ll be able to add in some ts, etc and so forth.

KNT: It’s all up to Norgus now. But don’t worry we’ll try to get to episode 10 soon! Raws are still shit but we’ll manage as always!

Others, aka Non-Important Ones: Will get to it when I can. Personally, want to v2 Getsumen (Patch no official v2 – dislike those buggers.) to finally finish it off. P&SwG? Fuuuck. Don’t know. Whenever, I’m not preoccupied with something else. The main reason I’m still doing it is for the ‘additional notes’ that people don’t notice. /shrug.

More to come later!


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