You know every once in a full blue moon, a random fansub group will take up the position and sub something related to Shin Megami Tensei. I guess I’m holding the torch this time, because I’ve brought to you a drama cd that was originally done by a fellow jp niconico-er, and then pulled to youtube, subbed then stalled almost indefinitely.

Here they are: Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Picture Drama – She Goes For A Walk [01-07].

Please also visit my channel, so you can read more into that said project! And please do recommend it for others to view as well! We need more MegaTen like this! Oh hell, yes we do! One last note, I didn’t get all the references so if you see something obscure make note of it via timestamp and comment below! Thanks!

The end is drawing near. And Working’!! is drawing closer.

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Where did all the timers go?

Here is ep 9

HD | Hi10p | SD

Sorry for the delay, I was lazy and released this late.

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Its been a while so I think we might be in need of some new banners. If you want to submit some banners feel free to send banners to: and we will put em on the site if they are good (and up to code).

All you need is:

All images but be 760×120, or 720×120 (Check the sizes of the current banners if you need a reference)
And must feature the group name
As well as any variation of (Variation meaning # or no #)
No nudity (Send nude ones if you want but I will just keep them for myself)
And they need to feature one of the shows we have done or are doing

Other then that feel free to do whatever you wish with it. Ill accept banners for the next 2-4 weeks so send em in.

Been looking forward to this for a while. Enjoy (Until the actual season starts)


p.s. No Hi10p this time. The file sizes are already small enough. If you need them smaller get a new PC.

p.p.s Yes, the filename was supposed to be Working’!! but Saoen accidentally the ‘. Try not to confuse it with season 1 ok?

Here is episode 7 of Dantalian. And the first episode of Working!! S2 should be coming out soon so look for that as well.

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