Sup. Page from the latest chapter of the manga.

Also to note. If you dont know what a tsuchinoko is, go here. (


Our encoder vowed episode 3 would be out today. So I made it my mission to not make him a liar. Give a clap clap to Encoder-kun.

Im going to address the 10bit question here and now since a lot of people have been asking for it. Working’!! already has small file sizes so no we are not doing a 10bit release for Working’!!. If the file sizes were larger, yes we would probably do a 10bit release. But for Working’!! its just not the case. Any questions you can find me or JJS on IRC and we will try to answer them.


Sorry for the delay, we got hung up on some…well silly stuff. Episode 3 should and will be out soon so look out for it.


It was a long haul but I hoped you enjoyed the show. Here are the batch torrents for Dantalian. If you want just ep 12 just uncheck the rest as you download the torrent. If you dont know how use fucking google.

HD Batch | Hi10p Batch | SD Batch

Batch torrent will be out this week. But for now here is ep 11.

HD | Hi10p | SD

Season 2 has finally kicked off. So enjoy.