Happy New Years to all you once again!

Man, I have to say this year went by hella fast! I hope you enjoyed this year as much as I did and look forward to a long, healthy, prosperous live for the next year to come.

On other news, we’re still turning and burning although we’re lacking an encoder for the next season’s batch of shows, we won’t let that stop us short of our goals. As for me, I’m a nigga. Happy being a nigga, and plan on AT LEAST attempting to finish off the backlog of bullshit I call ‘work’, so you jews can enjoy it. Well that’s my goal anyway. If I’m still slacking like I am now when it comes close to 2013, I’ll pack my bags up and just say to hell with this. Hah. (*Ahem*)

Anyway, have a blessed and joyous year to come and I hope to see you all here (with this site still kicking and then some) at the end of the year. *cough* I meant Dec 31, 2012. Not 12/12/12 of course. =P


  1. Jumendez-sama
    12:46 am on January 1st, 2012

    You meant 12/21/12. End of the world is Winter Solstice of 2012 isn’t it?

  2. ANIKI
    1:21 am on January 1st, 2012

    Here is hoppin for a happy, fun and safe new year to the m33w staff and everyone else on the net. May this year be a good one as well for all of us, look forward to the new coming up line-up.

  3. i09i0i0i0
    5:17 pm on January 2nd, 2012


  4. DRAGON FTFW. — Love, asagao