Okay, well right on time with this release. It’s only been, what, 5 months? Yeah… we’re actually gonna get this knocked out, believe it or not.

[HD 10bit] [SD 8bit]

Notes after the jump.

Sweet bean jelly and mutton: see notes on ep 2

Ooshima-shi: (name)-shi is usually used in formal writing, and sometimes in very formal speech, and is for referring to a person unfamiliar to the speaker. Typically this is a person known through publications, etc. and the speaker has usually never actually met said person. It is preferred in legal documents, academic journals, and certain other formal written styles. Once a person’s name has been used with -shi, the person can be referred to with shi alone, without the name, as long as there is only one person being referred to. Garage’s speech is very formal and kinda stilted, which is probably why he uses this honorific.


  1. Took you long enough. 😛 Thanks, I’ve been waiting! 🙂

  2. Joanne d'Arc
    7:26 pm on February 2nd, 2013

    It’s alive ;.;
    Good things still happen =3

  3. Darth Arrow
    2:57 am on February 3rd, 2013

    I’ve been waiting for this, but now I guess I have to start watching the series allover again, cuz I don’t remember anything that has happend sofar 😀

  4. Schezza
    2:53 am on February 4th, 2013

    too late for drinking herself baka 😛