Now apparently eating ramen is sexy.

Also, too, thanks to these blog titles perhaps, this website is now blocked by my parental control filters :(

[HD 8bit]


  1. asuka
    12:52 am on November 23rd, 2013

    Thanks for the release

  2. macxxx007
    1:27 am on November 23rd, 2013

    … lol

    Thanks for the episode!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Waltikon
    2:08 am on November 23rd, 2013

    Thank You!

  4. > Parental Controls
    > 2013

    Seriously? You have them enabled?
    Real men don’t use parental controls, instead they know what to click on and what not to click on. And they use a decent web browser. 😉

    I thought the show was over, but I guess I was wrong. Thanks again!

  5. BIGMayck7
    4:43 pm on November 23rd, 2013

    Thanks. 😀