Rejoice! Another festive release of Non Non Biyori!

The train’s still runnin’ and we’ve almost arrived to the end of the line with 2 episodes left to go! That said, we’ll see you guys again next week!

480p | 720p

Originally, a Wendnesday release but I saw a sign or two that needed to be redid and sent it back then i got sick, and wasn’t feeling up to do anything.

Project Leader/Supervisor: Korokun
Capper: purefmwc
Encoder: mep
Translator: Crunchyroll
Timer: unit_fun_zero
Editor: Kuroten
Typesetter: doplank
Karaoke: damee
Quality Check: Rika-chama, Kuroten, unit_fun_zero, damee, Chhotu_uttam
Distro: Korokun


  1. Thanks for this week’s cuteness overload :-)

  2. macxxx007
    6:49 pm on December 14th, 2013

    Who’s bad ass? You’s bad ass!

    Thanks so much for the episode and please have a great weekend!