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Daimonji Fires:
Gozan no Okuribi is a traditional event that takes place in Kyoto during the Obon Festival (Festival of the Ancestors) on August 16 every year. On each of the five mountains that surround the city, giant bonfires are set alight. Three of the fires are in the shape of kanji. These bonfires are known individually as “Daimonji”, “Hidari Daimonji”, and “Myo-hou”. The other two fires are in the shapes of a boat and a Shinto shrine gate respectively and are called the “Funagata” and “Toriigata”.

The one Natsumi refers to is the first one, Daimonji. Daimonji is the first of the five mountains to be set alight with the kanji character symbolizing “Large” (大) on Nyoigatake (Daimonji Mountain). She’s attempting to look like the kanji character.  The picture below shows what the fire looks like.

If you want to know more about these fires, you can visit this web site.

16:15: Just get on board and relax.

Natsumi is saying “oobune” which is a idiom for smooth sailing or basically, “follow me and everything will be fine.”

Renge is doing a play on words and says “dorobune” which is an idiom for “having a quick trip to the bottom of the ocean/sea/lake/etc.”

Like most Japanese puns and wordplays, it doesn’t really translate well, so we did the best we could to convey meaning. Also, “dorobune” literally means “Boat that carries mud”. Crunchyroll’s translator was evidently not familiar with the idiom and went with the dictionary definition, which is completely wrong in this instance. >_<

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Also a special shout out goes to ItAintEazy for helping clear up some crunchylol translations!


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