You know honestly I didn’t know I was a masochist till I saw Ataru in this series. Now I want to grow up and be just like him.

480p | 720p

Project Leader: Korokun
Capper: pure
Encoding: mep
TL: FUNimation
Timing: unit_zero_fun
TS: doplank
Kara: damee
Editing: Kuroten
QC: Govna, blitszkrieg, haplesshero
Release: Korokun

We are also looking for QCers, Editors, and any additional TL, or TLC if at all possible! But whatever you do, don’t be a flake. Stick around… You might actually enjoy it!

One Comment

  1. A. Crush
    10:56 pm on February 1st, 2014

    Yikes. DL’ed this one just to compare and had to stop watching after just a few seconds and skipping around to see how bad the subs really are.

    Seems like a wasted effort for the staff to do this but use Funi’s subs when other groups are doing at least a TLC and tweaking the subs to be closer to what they’re actually saying.