Here’s the 2nd episode of Mikakunin! For those asking we left HAMBAGAH‏ as Hamburg Steaks. Other then that, like OMFG Mashiro is CUTE!

Episode 02 – 480p | Episode 02 – 720p | Episode 01 – 480p | Episode 01 – 720p File Name Fix Patch

The mistakes below are taken care of in a patch sticky’ed on this blog.

Dialogue: 0,0:07:26.73,0:07:29.88,Default,mas,0,0,0,,Not even the fact that you where the one who saved her.

Dialogue: 0,0:14:31.71,0:14:37.00,Default,may,0,0,0,,Say, was was the reason for you\Nand Hakuya-kun to move here?

Dialogue: 0,0:18:50.48,0:18:53.27,Default,ben,0,0,0,,I see. so that’s what you’ve been thinking about?

Project Leader: Korokun
Capper: pure
Encoding: Majin3
TL: Crunchyroll
TLC & Timing: Floris257
TS & Editing unit_zero_fun
Kara: Sirus
QC: Floris257, Sirus, Hirtham
Release: Korokun

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