This rant by the way is completely off the cuff. I’m just straight up ranting to rant. So enjoy the ride.

Just an update like many sites. Fansubbing in general has been dead quite some time ago. HorribleSubs died sometime mid-pandemic of 2020 as of this post — but now SubsPlease has replaced them. Which is a good thing for those who need their fix.

That being said, with the current trend of easy to access site such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV, Hulu, Netflix, HIDIVE, HBO Max etc. Then yeah it’s pretty dead in the water. I mean heck I went to older groups and asked them why they quit. And pretty much the most popular answer was RL, lack of volunteers and why work for something that is illegal? But do I sound like a goddamn shill? Damn right I do, and I’m proud of it.

But that lead me to my original question, “Why Aren’t Fansubs Dead?”

Truth be told, (and thought this way many many years…), that if a show that wasn’t popular brought to an English audience and licensed? You bet your sweet ass I’d buy it! But here we are. Years has passed and few shows have YET to be subbed. Groups like Orphan-Fansubs with the main head Collectr, who’s older then dirt (I kid, I kid.) STILL go out there way to sub unpopular / unnoticed / unlicensed (etc. and so forth) shows for the masses like you and me who want to watch more anime.

And truth be told, I’d drop this **** all together if I could just have a source easy to access to watch (e.g. one or two subscriptions because god forbid you have more then one) and support companies like this THAT bring in anime for me to watch, then hell yeah, I’d quit fansubbing.

But you know what? I pushed myself to do something impossible. I relearned all the steps from scratch. And I too want to make an impact in this world. No matter how small or BIG it maybe. I want to show you that the love of fansubbing (and anime in general!) is not dead nor will it ever be if you love something enough.

Learn this, never say “you can’t” but only “you can.” Something like that. Not good on words and all. But yeah, had there been easy access sure, we all know this is a grey area and all… Hurts the sales of businesses, blah blah blah. But if said anime was made it visible (no matter how crappy it is) and easy to access AND IN ENGLISH (or just subtitled), I’d be happy as hell!

Alright. Guess it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

As I relearn this ‘stuff.’ The moonspeak. The stuff you need as a fansubber for quality and workable material.’

Then sometimes yeah, you know? Those sites streaming the anime? They’re hot goddamn garbage. And I don’t blame a group going out there way to fix editing, timing, typesetting (ehhhhhh), adding karaoke (ehhhh too, however still not hard for you to do this Crunchyroll.) and encoding. Which is honestly an encoders’ worst nightmare. (They sleep and breathe encoding. And if it’s not pixel perfect you’ll see a many angy faces.)

But I’ve been ranting for a good minute now, however, you gotta understand that there’s ‘reasons’ why people do what they do. Like, if it was good, but you know not perfect but you know, ‘actual goddamn people who look at the video before releasing it…’ Then yeah, sure, I mean there would be less of us and more subscriptions. Even though we’ll find a way to ‘stream it for free, etc.’ We will still do our best to support you as much as we can!

But still I want you to know this… As of 2022, while I stand here in a grey area split; divided by both black and white, I want you to know that still, I support and believe in streaming… DVD sales and all that. To release those rare and unusual titles that we don’t see often. As I say that, you know, if there are times if I must roll up my sleeves and get dirty, so be it. And damn to those who stand in my way!

So, like I said last year (2020), I do hope from the bottom of my heart, you’ve enjoyed my little rant and appreciate that we’ve done in the years past and what I will do for you in the future to come.

As for the blog itself, it won’t change. But it will get an update.

The old m.3.3.w. fansite will still be here known as (Miscellaneous Enlightened Entertainment Works), but THERE WILL PLAN TO BE, a new rebranded site (built within this one) called m.3.3.w fansubs, however THAT name will be renamed as (Memorable Evocative Entertainment Works). Still m.3.3.w, just with a different name.

The links after everything is done will go to the new site, while I still have our old site up and running so you can see our old posts (uh, not sure if they’ll be witty or not) and past work and appreciate the process that WE have gone through to get here.

As shows going to sub. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Rakugo Tennyo Oyui
  • Idol Tenshi Yokoso Yoko
  • Robot Girls Z & NEO
  • Gakkatsu! Season 2

And yes, while the site my change. My taste and standards will never change. But there will be one day I will hang up my hat for good. If that time ever comes you will know. – MrCatFord. #newthingstocome2022

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