I might end up turning this into a personal blog of mine. /chuckle.


Anyway. I was browsing along GotWoot’s? Forum page and I saw a post that kinda triggered me but made me think at the same time, thus brought up an idea that “Fansubs Are Not Dead Yet ™.”

However, as for the current trend of things with easy to access sites like, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Aniplex, Hulu, Netflix etc. Any chance of actually wanting to sub ‘current airing shows,’ then yeah, it’s pretty dead in the water.

That lead me to my main topic at hand, “Why Aren’t Fansubs Dead Yet?” and that alone had me thinking.

Truth be told, and i’ve always thought this way since 2006-7, that if all shows were subbed no matter how bad they are, no matter if they fail to bring in money or not, I would be truly happy.

It’s like the MLK way of thinking: ‘Judge an a fansub by its merits, not it’s action, or its clout.’ For you younger kids.

I’m not going to go into detail about Martin Luther King, Jr., but he was a good man that held pride that all colors are equal no matter the race. His idea was to make people held accountable by their actions, not what color they are. And of course to end all racism. But obviously with Trump in office that won’t happen will it.

(Not a political blog at all. Nor does my ideas and thoughts in this matter reflect the ideas and believes about fansubbing in general.)

Long story, short. We as old boomers, ex-fansubbers, retired fansubbers, etc, etc, do this because we love anime and we want to see shows finished. Some for other reasons (“Why Can’t You Grasp English Better,” by Dark_Sage) but through and through, the idea is the same.

It’s not for clout, or recognition, or the fame. We do it to get it noticed and see that polished gem for what it is through the constant field of other ‘ooh, shiny!” -er things.

I hope that you enjoyed this and appreciate from the bottom of your heart that we do what we do for the sake of you.

The blog itself won’t change. I want you to see our past work and appreciate the process has gone through to get there. I may (eventually) change out how the site looks but my standards will never change.

As for shows, here are the following that I’ll personally do and complete over time:

  • Rakugo Tennyo Oyui
  • Tetsuko no Tabi (official v1 with typesetting etc –> may move to dvds after I buy them.)
  • Gakkatsu S2
  • Not sure after this but maybe Akahori Gedou Rabuge Tai, but we’ll see.

Anyway thank you, for the many years you’ve spent with us, and I hope that you’ll continue to support us in the future. Even if we may take another hiatus again.

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