I might end up turning this into a personal blog of mine. /chuckle.


Anyway. I was browsing along GotWoot’s? Forum page (now dead like this site is sometimes) and I saw a “post” that kinda triggered me but made me think at the same time; thus brought up the topic that “Fansubs Are Not Dead Yet, Well Not Currently ™.” – Updated as of Aug 2021

With the current trend of things, like easy to access sites such as, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Aniplex, Hulu, Netflix etc. The idea of wanting to  ‘sub’ “current seasonal shows” then yeah, it’s pretty dead in the water.

That lead me to my main topic at hand, “Why Aren’t Fansubs Dead Yet?”

Truth be told, (and i’ve always thought this way since 2006-7), that if all shows were subbed (no matter how bad OR old they are or if they fail to bring in money from DVD sales) I would be truly happy.

It’s like the MLK jr way of thinking: ‘Judge an a fansub by its merits; not by popularity, action, or clout.’

Basically no matter how bad or old the show is, it should deserve a sub.

TL;DR – I, as an old Gen Y, an old boomer / ex-fansubber, etc, etc, do this because I, myself, love anime and I want to see a show get finished even if less than 10 people download it.

I do it not for clout, download count, or fame. I do it so that one show will get noticed amongst the many others.

I do hope from the bottom of my heart, you’ve enjoyed my little rant and appreciate that what we do is for the sake of you, the viewer.

The blog itself won’t change. I want you to see our past work and appreciate the process has gone through to get there (of course I’ll have to reupload pictures etc, but we’ll get there one day).

I even may (eventually) change out how the site looks but my standards will never change.

As shows i’d like to sub, here they are in no particular order:

  • Rakugo Tennyo Oyui
  • Tetsuko no Tabi (official v1 with typesetting etc –> may move to dvds after I buy them.)
  • Gakkatsu S2 (and maybe S1)
  • Akahori Gedou Rabuge Tai

Anyway thank you, for the many years you’ve spent with us, and I hope that you’ll continue to support us in the future. Even if we may take another hiatus again.

While I didn’t update the site (/chuckle – and yes that’s still in motion). I am opening up positions if you are interested to help fansub older shows (pre-2012 era). Instead of doing mIRC like hipsters, we’re going discord.

Feel free to join and lurk! – m.3.3.w’s discord!

It’s been years since I’ve updated this site, but looking back at it, I feel a strong attachment to the thing / thing(s) I loved. Which of course is Anime. What I’m hoping sometime in mid / late 2019, this site will get an overhaul and I’ll come back and start re subbing where I left off at, starting with the very first anime I translated myself (borrowing a bit of Chinese), Himesama Goyoujin.

After that, I don’t know but I know this much… I hope that I’ll still continue what I love when I see this post… months, if not years from now. Updated or not, I hope that I (we) continue our dream and sub stuff that has yet to be subbed to the English community, even if it is shit.

To those of you, who worked with me. Thank you. And those I made an impact too, I hope that one day you as well push forward and continue the dream.

I can’t believe another year has passed! Sigh. Well, although we’ve been pretty lackluster this year, hopefully next year will be a bit kinder to us. We do plan on sticking around of course, just with a new coat of paint and all… Still the friendly, loving m33w and “quality QC” you’ll always get from us.


Anyway, I wish you a early Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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And here’s the 4th episode, with more delay from Korokun!!

Forgive us, you know ‘cuz we all have lives apparently. m.3.3.w will still continue however! Strongly and brightly!

480p | 720p | 1080p

And here’s the 3rd episode, with delay brought to you by Korokun!!

You know the hardest thing about seasonal anime is the weekly thing, and tbqh, we’ve never really been a weekly group. But alas, we will keep pressing on!


480p | 720p | 1080p

Bringing you now the 2nd episode in a typical fashionably late way! With much love from the #m.3.3.w-crew!!


480p | 720p | 1080p

Hello, kiddies! So you know after doing the first season, then second… I thought we’d follow it up with the third. Go figure that a suggestion leads to action and then a result. And here it is.

Well, that’s all! Till next week or the week thereafter (depending on how long the process takes!)


Kuroten Editz: Found an issue with the 1080p. Working on it right now to make it right. Fixedth. -Koro

Sorry, it’s been re-derped again. The people that have derped up the video before have been shot. -Koro.

480p | 720p | 1080p(v2)

Well, this year didn’t go as well as expected but truth be told it was a blast. And while there ain’t plans set in stone yet for 2015. I still want make some time for ya’ll guys and do some old skool shit (that has yet to be licensed – as I write this day) and some new skool junk as long as the crew is willing to do it. Wish us all the best and let’s keep on trucking through 2015 and beyond! Happy New Years!

This finally ends Mikakunin along with Toki-D and the joint with them, as they plan on disbanding if not already done before said post is up. Anyway, a batch will be up soon along with older shows as I plan on sliming our tracker down with just batches of older m33w-related projects.

If you have any requests for a certain show feel free to post your reply below.

On a side note, I’ve gained a sudden interest to revive the Sega Dreamcast game illbleed and give it a haul over making it a new remake of the series.

For more information following this and those to come follow:
Toru Koroshi | #Letsreviveillbleed

As for the new projects and those mentioned back early in the beginning of the year; we will not forget and will keep pressing on to victory and beyond.

As long as my love for anime stays, I will still stay doing what I like the most.

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