As alluded to in episode 0, this episode is the Valentine’s Day episode. If you’ve watched enough anime, you probably know the basic premise of an episode such as this, but Kimi ni Todoke doesn’t let us down in terms of eventfulness. Nice winter snowscapes in the episode — ironically, it is also currently snowing outside as I write this (though I can’t personally verify that from this room, since there are no windows here). I want to say more, but pretty much anything I say about the episode will end up being a spoiler, so I’ll just let you guys watch the episode, yeah?

An explanation of the Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan can be found under the “Bored” tab of this site. I’ve never liked the phrase “obligatory chocolate,” but that’s the super-literal translation, so we left it. In a short paragraph, “obligatory” (giri) chocolates are the ones you give as courtesy to those you have been close to (usually friends or co-workers, people like that), the people you have a (loosely speaking) close relationship with. Oh, wait, that wasn’t really a paragraph, was it? Oh well.

By the way, about a third of the way in, there’s a scene with Chizu-chan, and some horses. Since no one wants to see badly written puns in their subs, I’ll explain it long-hand here. うまい (umai) = delicious. ウマー (うまあ) (umaa) = “delish”. 馬 (うま) (uma) = horse. You see the joke?


Season two begins, somewhat appropriately, with a recap episode. This was really great for me, as I haven’t watched all of season one yet, so now I’m caught up. (I’ll actually watch all the S1 episodes soon. I think.) The episode is sort of a Kurumi special, or, you might say, Kimi ni Todoke S1 from Kurumi’s view. So the epic Sadako reaction-faces are still there, just not as many as usual. However, you get a lot of Kurumi action. Even middle school Kurumi action. Middle school bishoujo ftw.

Oh. And there are “<chaosrains> SPARKLES AND BUBBLES”.

Anyway, sorry that this isn’t a super-exciting episode. The recap aspect of the show let us put a lot of energy into the OP/ED and logo, however, so hopefully at least those parts are accurate. (Well, hopefully all the subs are accurate, yes?) See y’all next week! Also, apologies for the slowness — acquiring a high-quality raw was more difficult than usual, stalling us out for a bit. Look forward to lightning-release next week.

(Also, a random thought. The author of this manga must’ve really liked drawing bathrooms? A good 10% of the anime occurs in a bathroom.)


Also here is an SD version for those of you who wanted one. The rest of the series will have an HD and SD version as well.


Here is a link for the v2 patch if you wish to patch your version. This patch fixes the scene bleeds and fixes the subs not showing up

Hello, m.3.3.w fan-people, asagao here. Looks like I lied (see this post from a couple weeks ago). Lying is bad, and I realise this, but I hope you’ll forgive me, since, in addition to possibly one other show that we haven’t decided upon yet, we’ll be working on Kimi ni Todoke season 2 (*canned applause and cheering*) for this coming winter season. Seems a lot of people are fairly excited for it, and we (excepting joint projects) haven’t really done what I would consider a “headlining” show since ~Chaos;Head, so I figured we were due, pulled some strings behind the scenes, and here you are. For those wondering about apparent inconsistencies in our philosophy, even though Frostii almost certainly will do a bang-up job, no one wants to wait until 2012, ’cause, like, the world’s going to end before they’re done (we still love you, Frostii <3). Do you want your subs before or after Third Impact?

People seem to have a misconception that we’re a slow subbing group, and I really don’t know where you’d get that from, but rest assured that you’ll see episodes from us on a timely basis. And we’re serious about this. (“orly? yes, rly”) By ‘timely basis,’ we mean about ‘H2O’ or ‘True Tears’ (before it was licensed) speed. Seriously. (Do you guys even remember those shows? If not, re/watch them, they’re good.)

Of note this time around is the fact that we’re borrowing a typesetter, damee, from our friends at Enigma Collective. We do not expect a decrease in quality or speed due to this, so sit down.

Also, I’ve been talking to Korokun about improving the user experience of this site, and after a few nights of heated–

tl;dr – we’re bringing back screencaps for each episode.

That’s about all, folks. We just thought we’d announce now, so all the turd-sub groups (to put it mildly) that pretend like they’re fast, quality subs can just go home. Spread the word.