More a request from damee since I goofed up on the first release by using a workraw instead of the release copy. Anyway here are the changes made mostly to 01 that transferred over to 02:

– Better raw.
– Title fixed.
– Had issues with the 2nd episode preview and went to verify it with anidb/ann but had no luck so went with what normally would go in in the series aka “She’s… etc” you know because sister-stalker-chan. I mean she’s still cute though. In a Lucky Star-sorta way.
– And last but not least, damee adjusted the movement of the hearts (in the ED kara) to make it a bit smoother when playing.

That’s pretty much it. I had to say I enjoyed this one more then the previous and I hope it gets better as the episodes come.

01v2 | 02

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I can only blame damee for this show. But I can’t really vouch myself since I took a liking to ImoCho. As usual the other 6 take a while to get going. Gotta love first episodes.

Torrent (The fix is on Onee-chan ga Kita 01v2 & 02 post.)

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