Okay, so we finally got this done. I’m sorry it’s taken so long. Contrary to other people’s opinions, I actually really liked this show, and I think Ep 13 ends the series quite well. We’re not going to issue an individual torent for Episode 13 and the SD for Episode 7.5. If you just want those, you can get them from one of our bots in our IRC Channel or on the DDL.

HD Batch Torrent
SD Batch Torrent

About MM! No, Virginia, we haven’t dropped it. It’s waiting on Typesetting (which seems to be a common occurance – Oh, the price we pay for godly typesetting…) and will be released soon. Also, we will be releasing Working! with a DVD encode (Cheers to Desbreko for encoding those for us ^__^ ) as soon as we can get them fine-timed to the new encodes and re-muxed in. And before you ask, there are no Blu-Rays for Working! (at least none that we’ve heard of…) No ETA, but hopefully by the end of the year (or at least before whomever licensed it in R1 releases theirs).

Hey, asagao here. I’ll be back (fingers crossed) with m.3.3.w again after a two-season break, hopefully to get subs out to you guys slower than ever at the high quality that you have come to expect from us. I’ve taken a cursory look over next season’s shows, and of course what you guys recommend won’t *really* matter, except in the case of a tie-breaker, and even then probably not, but I’d like to know which shows you are looking forward to for next season.

Shows we will not do:
Kimi ni Todoke S2 (Frostii will hopefully release more than one episode per month)

Projects we have dropped:
Seto no Hanayome (licensed/I don’t care enough about this show to spend 20 hours/episode checking the translation)
Eve no Jikan OVA (not enough translators to go around in this world)

Lastly, I heard some people (one person) ask whether we’re still doing Sora no Woto 13. I’ve heard from a reliable-ish source that it will be released before (either) the (Gregorian or Lunar) New Year. It is currently sitting at edit, so you know whom to complain to.


Right now we are currently looking at doing Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (Really long fucking name) and 1 or 2 others. Any input is appreciated. But be warned. If certain shows become over subbed we tend not to touch them, or if they are being done by groups that don’t suck we dont touch them.

As for Sora no woto it is stuck at the editing stage, which I intend on fixing very soon if not now. But for the most part its completed and just waiting for an edit.

Sorry for the long delay. The original TL had some issues, then our FTP died, then our TS’er got sick, was a fun fun week, but we are pro’s so we got it done.

Here she is


Also on a side note you have probably noticed there is no XviD. Let me explain.

Being that we had an entirely new crew working on this we decided to do just two h264 versions. One version is 720p HD and the other (Which will come out soon) will be 480p, both being .mkv

Here is the final episode of So.Ra.No.Wo.To

So ummm….yay?

Batch torrents for the h264 release and XviD release are both on the releases page.

h264 | XviD

Im hammered so I got nothing to say but here is episode 11.

If I had a bad spelling take it up with management.

Episode 12 is at Final QC, so hopefully it will be out soon………..

h264 | XviD

Sorry for the delays boys and girls, we had a slight bump in the road, but 11 and 12 will be good to go soon.

Speaking of bump in the road we are in need of new blood in the form of everything (TL/TLC’s including), so if you think you have what it takes find me on IRC.

And here is episode 10 of Sora no woto.

h264 | XviD

I would like to formally second Saoen’s request for new blood in our staff. I truly believe that m.3.3.w provides a strong, supportive community for its staff members, in both fansubbing and other affairs. If you think you would fit in with a group of intelligent, quality-minded individuals, and have an interest in what we do, please apply. Note that you should be competent in Japanese if applying for TL/TLC positions (we know the difference between BabelFish and real knowledge). Let’s put it this way — if you think Crunchyroll has good subtitles, don’t bother applying for translator or translation checker (or editor, really). Experience is not required, and training will be provided. –asagao

P.S.: If you would like to apply but you don’t know how to use IRC, leave a message on the chatbox and my secretary will forward your application to me.

Sorry for the delay, as said before life sucks.

h264 | XviD

Here is episode 8 (Finally)


Short and sweet, just the way I like it

h264 | XviD

I dont have any witty comments this week (If any of them have been witty at all) so here is your filthy episode 7, enjoy it you filthy animals (jk of course…kinda)

h264 | XviD

We are now back on track. So expect to see episode 7 sometime soon.

But for now we have episode 6, enjoy

h264 | XviD