Hey guys, long time no see. Today is my 21st birthday 🙂
I’ve been busy this past month with school and internship stuff. I needed a break from fansubbing for a while and this was the perfect time. Anyway, time to give you guys a long overdue update.

Rosario – This delay is basically all my fault. I haven’t edited any of the episodes so the project has basically been stalling on me. Sorry about that! Now there is the issue of whether we will do the DVD’s or not. If you read Sankaku Complex, they shed some light on the Rosario DVD’s.
Click here
If you can believe it, the DVD’s are actually less revealing than the Tokyo-MX airing that we’ve been using. So I don’t think we’re gonna bother with DVD’s. Let me hear your thoughts. Anyway, I hope to get back to working on Rosario in the coming days.

Seto – I just finished editing Seto 20 tonight and I’ll get to finishing up the simple typesetting either today or tomorrow. I finally got xess to agree to TL the episodes, so hopefully this will result in faster releases. 🙂

Munto 03 – Needs to be edited, which will hopefully get done today or tomorrow. The transport stream is still downloading so the workraw won’t be ready till later today.

Negima 02 OVA – Mango-chan refuses to translate it right now. So if you have IRC, please get on Rizon and bitch at him to do it.

That’s all for today. 🙂

Would have released this sooner but I caught a nasty cold right after Thanksgiving. 🙁 Luckily there was basically no typesetting needed for this episode. I think Fairy 08 is the closest to being released next, although that still has a day or two left on it.

As for Rosario, we are still working on it. I had limited time over Thanksgiving break, so I devoted it to our more important shows. I’ve watched the raws for the other episodes and I can say that I don’t regret that decision. The show has really taken a turn for the worse. I still don’t mind doing it, but my time is limited now because of finals. When I have free time for fansubbing, and none of the other shows need any work done, I will work on Rosario. Ayako has also been busy so episode 8 and 9 haven’t even been translated yet. We plan on doing the uncensored DVD/Blu-Ray for this show, so we’ll focus our efforts more on that instead. We should have all of the TV rips done by the time those are out.

Download: Chaos;Head 08 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Chaos;Head 08 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

I haven’t forgotten about this show. I know in the initial post when I announced this project, I said that I wouldn’t let the project get held up because of typesetting. And guess what held it up for all this time; typesetting. It was sitting at about 50% done, so I just told our typesetter to just give me what he had and I finished off the rest with some very basic stuff where it was necessary for the viewing of the episode. As for episode 20, I’m about 2/3 done with the script, and I will give that to asagao so he can check it with the Japanese script.

Eventually I want to do the DVD version for the entire show, so I think we’ll do episode 20 and on using DVD source.

As for our other stuff, life has been kinda hectic some of us, so we haven’t had much time to devote to fansubbing. The next release will be Ran 18, followed by Chaos;Head 05 or Rosario 05. Fairy is a little further behind, and One Outs has been kinda sitting there since asagao has his midterms right now. That’s all for tonight.

Download: Seto no Hanayome 19 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

FYI: We also did 17 and 18 under the [m.3.3.w-BakaWolf] tag.
We’re also working on the Seto OVA as well.

I’m happy to announce that we will be picking up One Outs. I’m a big baseball fan so I was hoping that Triad would have picked this series up by now. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re aren’t, so we decided to pick it up as a side project. I assume most people in fansubbing aren’t familiar with baseball at all, so this show deserves to have someone who actually knows the subject matter.

Now let me make a few things clear to you since this is a side project.

  • There is no timeline for releases. We will release whenever we have time to work on the show. Our other weekly shows have priority.
  • We will make no promise to finish the series. That’s not to say that we don’t plan on doing it completely, but if it becomes too much of a burden, we will let you know that we’re dropping it. We’re not gonna suddenly stop releasing and keep you guys wondering.


Anyway, expect to see episode 1 in the upcoming few days. I don’t know if we’ll do the karaoke. The OP is in English, and the ED is a bit hard to hear. We might just wait for the official lyrics. I guess you’ll find out when we release episode 1. 🙂

As for our other shows…

  • Rosario 03 – We’re really slowpoking this one. The replacement translator was a lazy bum and didn’t finish it until two days ago. Now we’re just waiting on the translation checker to finish his work. I’m hoping it’s out by the weekend. Episode 04 will go back to the old system of two translators since they aren’t lazy.
  • Chaos;Head 03 – Airs today and we’ll get started ASAP. This is our highest priority show of the season.
  • Earl and Fairy 03 – This one is at editing. I’m also hoping for a weekend release.
  • Telepathy Shoujo Ran 17 – Currently in translation stage.

Hey guys, it’s been a while since the last real non-release update. I was very busy this past weekend because I had to leave school and go home to take care of some things. Any spare time I had was spent on Chaos;Head that weekend, so some of the other shows got neglected a little bit.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2
If you watched last season, you might have known that we had two translators splitting the episode in half. After episode 2, we will finally end that practice because it’s a pain in the ass for me, and it’s a slow and inefficient process. Having to normalize two different translation styles is also a really unnecessary burden. One of the translators also forgot to put the names for each line, so it makes styling everything even more difficult for me. SpiegelEiXXL decided to match the subs to people’s hair colors in season 1. Personally, I think it looks nice, but the job of assigning styles to the right character suddenly became mine.
Anyway, I hope this will allow us to release the episodes in a more timely fashion. It will also allow the translation checker to do his work faster since he is busy for a 3 day stretch if we don’t get it to him by a certain time. As for episode 2, I’m currently editing it. I have a big presentation to work on for a class today, so if I get to it at all, it will be late at night. And as I thought, the joint with Ayako is becoming more and more of an m.3.3.w only project. This was the initial work sharing plan for season 2.

TL – Split 50/50
Timing – Ayako
TLC – Ayako
Edit – m.3.3.w
Typesetting – Ayako
Encoding – Ayako
Karaoke – Split 50/50

Now it’s become this.
TL – m.3.3.w
Timing – m.3.3.w
TLC – Ayako
Edit – m.3.3.w
Typesetting – m.3.3.w
Encoding – m.3.3.w
Karaoke – Split 50/50

Earl and Fairy
Sorry for those two little mistakes with “Miord” and an unnecessary “the” in the Milady line a few lines afterward. Those were my fault (there will not be a v2 though). Anyway, episode 2 aired just recently so we’ll get started on that as soon as we get our hands on the raw. And like I said earlier, if you have the h264 with a CRC code of [038C3386], you have the wrong file. Delete it. [1EA2A396] is the correct CRC code for the h264 release. The [038C3386] was a RC (release candidate) that failed and wasn’t removed from the bot in a timely fashion, which lead to its accidental distribution.

We’re probably gonna release a v2 of episode 1 after getting some feedback on certain lines. We will provide a list of explanations for certain lines that were changed and lines that were kept. The typesetting in the h264 was also wrong because of a missing font, but not noticeable unless you paid close attention to the typeset lines, untypeset lines, and the XviD version. Episode 2 airs tomorrow.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran
Episode 16 is at translation check. Not much else to report here.

Here is Telepathy Shoujo Ran 14. We’ve been busy with our new shows, so this one kinda got lost in the shuffle. I’ll give you guys a quick update on them.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2 01
Everything is just about ready. We just need to encode. And for those that were wondering, we use the Tokyo MX broadcast, which doesn’t censor the panties with that stupid bat. If Rosario + Vampire were censored, there would be no point in doing the show, amirite?

Earl and Fairy
Looks like we’re gonna go with the English name for this one, based on the categories that xess made. I think the script is pretty much finalized. We’re just waiting on the raws. TS should also be quickly finalized after we pick a raw. I don’t know if this was mentioned already, but we will be using British English for this anime since it takes place in Victorian England.

Other project
We have decided on a final project, but we won’t be announcing it until we can finalize certain details.

That’s all for now. Here are the torrents.

Download: Telepathy Shoujo Ran 14 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Telepathy Shoujo Ran 14 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

Hakushaku to Yousei
Episode 01 has been translated and is being checked at the moment. We’re still about a week away from checking out all of the different raws, so it won’t be out any time soon.

Rosario + Vampire Capu2
I know this show sucks, but I like my pink haired vampires with big tits. And don’t worry about Ayako. I’ll make sure that they do their end of the work. Episode 01 should be finished with translation tonight.

Minami-ke Okawari
I don’t know why I’m giving an update for an Ayako project, but this has not been dropped. Episode 12 is completely ready and just has to be encoded. Episode 13’s typesetting finished just recently so this should also be ready soon.

To Love-Ru
Dropped by Ayako.

Seto no Hanayome
ThaEagle is still avoiding the typesetting for this because it sucks (can’t blame him because it really does lol). As for episode 20, I’m about half way done with the translation. asagao has the unfortunate task of checking the translation afterward. I haven’t seen much typesetting required in this episode, so hopefully it won’t get delayed like episode 19.

Hasn’t even aired yet. But in the meantime, you can look at how hot Rimi is. She’s the pink haired female lead.
click me

ef – a tale of melodies
We’re not doing this because we didn’t do season 1, and no one wants to do it anyway. End of story. Enjoy waiting for Menclave. 🙁

Another project?
We’re thinking about it. We have one in mind, but there are some issues that could prevent us from doing it. We’ll see.

No, we’re not doing it. Wait for some more subbers to do it.

Here is the final episode of Nogizaka Haruka 12, along with the batch torrents. We decided to go back to Anirena for the batches because Box Torrents was too much of a hassle.

Download: Nogizaka Haruka 12 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Nogizaka Haruka 12 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Nogizaka Haruka Batch (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: Nogizaka Haruka Batch (h264) – [Bittorrent]

And now on to the next season stuff…

Looks like Mango got you guys good. Let me go through the real plans.

The following are confirmed shows

  • Telepathy Shoujo Ran

Continuation from this season. No explanation necessary.

  • Rosario + Vampire Capu2

This will be a continuation of our joint project with Ayako from the first season. So far I’ve heard very shitty reviews about the first episode, but I guess that was to be expected.

  • Chaos;Head [ Link ]

This will be the first real departure from our normal genre of shows. You guys know that we mostly do daily life romance shows, but this one will be pretty different. You guys are just better off reading the Wikipedia page.

List of possible projects

  • ToraDora!

This will depend on if another group is doing it. Hopefully they will let us know in a few days. m.3.3.w is very strongly opposed to oversubbing anime shows, because it’s a waste of our time and it doesn’t help leechers. As long as there is a group that we think can do a great job on it, we will let them do it.

  • Hakushaku to Yousei

We’re thinking about this one. We’re gonna have to see the first episode though.

  • Kannagi

This will be another “watch the first episode and see” decision.

  • Yozakura Quartet

Same as the others.

  • Kyou no Go no Ni (newly updated)

Last resort, etc…

Definitely not doing next season

  • Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka

Another group that we respect is doing this show, so we feel that it is in good hands.

  • Clannad After Story

Eclipse is doing this, so no need for us to do it.

  • ef: a tale of melodies

Mango was just trolling Kristen (leader of Chihiro). Normally I would have green lighted this show, but Menclave did a great job on season 1, so I will expect them to do the same on season 2.

  • To Aru Majutsu no Index

Same as Akane Iro.

  • Junjou Romantica 2

Obviously we’re not doing this. Go to aarinfantasy if you want this.

  • Skip Beat!

One of our staff members is doing this with another group, so we are not doing it out of respect. This looks like it’s gonna be Special A version 2, so I don’t want to do it anyway.

  • Vampire Knight Guilty

lol no

  • Nodame Cantabile: Paris-hen

Plenty of other groups from season 1 plan to do season 2. We don’t like jumping on a series if we don’t do the first season.

  • Hyakko

Another respected group is doing it.

  • Any other shows not listed above

Rosario Capu2

We will probably pick up one more show from the “maybe” list. We’ll have to wait and see. This is by no means a final list. The shows you see in the “maybe” list are just shows that looked interesting to the staff. We could end up adding one that isn’t on there. So feel free to recommend stuff that you don’t see on the list anywhere. We will add them accordingly.

I’ll structure this update by the order in which they will come out first.

Ran 11
This one should be QC’ed today and hopefully released tonight. I don’t work on this show so I’m not exactly sure, but it looks like the finalized script is ready. I will check later when Saoen and BiGGuY go on IRC.

Itazura 22
The capper for the show (the person who records the show in Japan for us) messed up the recording and we weren’t able to get the raw until a few days ago. Anyway, the typesetting is done and it’s waiting on translation check. I’m hoping that that gets done tonight so I can edit it and get it QC’ed tomorrow. Best case scenario would be a Saturday evening release, but I think a Sunday release is more likely. Tonight is my friend’s 21st birthday, so we are obviously going out drinking tonight, so we’ll see if I’m able to edit it tonight.

Special A 23
The script is waiting at translation check. Clephas is usually good about doing his work quickly, so it should be ready by today. I should be able to edit it either tonight or tomorrow morning along with Itazura 22. The transport stream will show up either later today or tomorrow. I’m aiming for a Sunday night release as well for this, although depending on the typesetting, it could be Monday.

Nogizaka 10
Just aired yesterday so no timetable yet. Hopefully it gets translated today or tomorrow.

Other notes
We added an 18+ section on the top for our w.0.0.f hentai releases. We will keep it very basic with just the name of the series and a link to the torrent. I still haven’t decided how we’ll announce that we’ve released a new hentai though.