This makes 4 out of 7 projects released thus far. And I actually can say I like this one alot, mainly because of Cow Tits, Over-energetic Blonde Teacher, and extremely dumb main character. I really do think this show has potential. Personally can’t wait for the next episode, tbqh. And we all know we’ll be going after BDs just for the teacher. I won’t lie for some reason she reminds me of that voice from that crazy (spoiler alert!) blond mastermind from Danganronpa. And like seriously what the hell is that pet of the main characters…? A kangaroo?

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Apologies for all the delays on this one, guys.
We’ve had an arm load of issues with the TS and getting it sorted out,
amidst the scheduling and getting staff up to speed for the new season.

Expect the release to be quicker for the next one.

Anyway, enjoy the first episode of D-Frag!

480p | 720p

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Here’s the 2nd release (out of the batch of 7) with a joint with Toki-Doki. Personally, the series grew on me and I think it’ll do the same to you too.

[480p] | [720p]

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I can only blame damee for this show. But I can’t really vouch myself since I took a liking to ImoCho. As usual the other 6 take a while to get going. Gotta love first episodes.

Torrent (The fix is on Onee-chan ga Kita 01v2 & 02 post.)

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>MFW no more Asuka

Welp, this project has taken us more than a little while, about a year and two months to be exact—mostly due to the fact that there were NO USABLE RAWS TO BE HAD, but we managed to release the entire series with a bunch of pretty subs to boot.

[Episode 20 HD 8bit] [Episodes 1-20 Batch]

So without further ado, here’s the roll call of the staff that worked on this series:
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>[Insert racist joke here]

Batch tomorrow.

[HD 8bit]

That’s exactly what I kept thinking while putting her useless prattle into half-comprehensible sentences.

[Episode 01 (720p)]

[Episode 02 (720p)]

We wish you a happy new year from us to you. I hope that this upcoming year will be equally as prosperous as the last. As we continue to push on forward to another year I want to note some shows that will (I hope) eventually be completed within that time frame in no particular order:

Himesama Goyoujin DVDs, Getsumen DVDs (corrected errors), Tetsuko no Tabi DVDs, Charady Daily Joke, Kuruneko, PaRappa the Rapper, Fighting Beauty Wulong and Rebirth, Animal Yokocho, Cooking Idol Ai Mai Main, Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel (OVA/TV series), Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, Master of Epic: The Animation Age, Kyou no Asuka Show, and Gakkatsu S2.

It’s a mouth full, but I hope within time and God willing, I will be able to conquer these like our current projects with ease.

Have a blessed and wonderful 2014.

Finally, finally we bring to you Robot Girls Z! This show is stupidly adorable and just plain stupid. Special thanks goes to ItAintEazy for translating, purefmwc for encoding, and begna112 for helping finish up the ts from Chhotu_Uttam and Hybrid21 who both did equally awesome work!

PV1 | 00

Edit: Quick Reponse Team Go! Input Grammar Nazi in 3, 2, 1….!

Somehow I magically forgot an apostrophe in this line. Not really worth a patch but if you wanna add it yourself feel free. This is in the PV1 not the 00, so don’t get them mixed up!

Dialogue: 0,0:02:53.42,0:02:55.42,Default,,0,0,0,,And we(‘)re here to…

Oh, and we screwed up on that Dubrass/Doublas line but who was seriously paying attention there?!

Asuka sees what you’re doing.

[HD 8bit]