Koro Edit: ItAint couldn’t think of nothing witty, so here’s the releases. Note, that the two still have the seiyuu commentary if you want to watch while they comment on the episode itself (unsubbed of course), it’s there just by switching the track. Since the main is default you can watch both at once. How nice!

JFYI, we plan on subbing all the specials Zoryouchuu has, (on top of completing it) along with S1 and it’s Drama CDs from BD vol. 6 & 7. So stay tune for more Mitsudomoe soon! And if your lucky enough to visit Japan in May, the site updated itself by mentioning they’ll have a Mitsudomofest at Shinagawa Stellar Hall. However my moonspeak is still lacking so, I’m sure with a few good friends you’ll be able to enjoy meeting the seiyuu behind the misfit trio, as much as I did. (Personally, I like Sugisaki more, as well as her mom.)

Ep 14 – BD Special Only: 720p / 1080p & **(patch)

**Oh, uh right. The only reason for the patch is the last line that I failed to add in as Sugi was talking to her mom.

References in the manga:

Act 1: Volume 02, Chapter 031
Act 2: Volume 06, Chapter 113
Act 3: Volume 04, Chapter 078
Act 4: Volume 07, Chapter 133
Act 5: Volume 07, Chapter 119

Granny taking a swift kick to the grill.

A little late but yeah whatever. FYI change Zen to Zou and it’ll be fixed later in the batch.

Ep 01: H264 / AVI

The first 3 are actually ninja crc’d, with minor corrections to the translation and a touch of editing for taste.  The other 3 are new added in for your enjoyment.

Special Drama Edition (Bluray release from the 1st & 4th BDs.)
396p / 720p

ItAintEazy – Translation / Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter
Nicholi – Encoder (1-3)
SpiegelEiXXL – Encoder (4-6)

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This is an update to the first 6, since the encoder didn’t like what c^A did, so we did away with lolreso (1440×1080) and the black bars to make it a better looking and archivable release.  Speaking of, the m33w-ddl is updated as well, with those now available and yes, we still we be working on Mitsu 2 for sure.  I don’t know about how long it’ll take us with Mitsu 1 but you can be sure it’ll get done.

Mitsudomoe Drama CD – The Beginning Of A Legend..
396p / 720p


ItAintEazy – Translation/Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter (ir master @ MS Paint!)
Nicholi – Encoder

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Originally, this was suppose to be a “Picture Drama CD” release.  However, after scaring away two Typesetters and an 3rd one/encoder (almost…) I think it was time to give up that idea.  So, to those who have EVER worked on a Drama CD or anything related, I salute you bastards because it takes a hell of a lot of ::effort:: to make shit like this happen.

– ItAintEazy – TL/QC Apply
– Korokun – QC
– goof – Typesetter
– LGDArm – Typesetter
– Commander^A – Typesetter/Encoder

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