“Long, overdue, and tiresome…” Is what I think of this series. When it comes to perfection, I strive a bit harder then I normally do, and because of it, let’s just say that alot of peeps gave me the ‘angry face.’ Heh. Anyway, you know who you are, and you know I still love you, but I’m putting an end to this series once and for all. Good show, to be honest, I guess… Oh, who am I fooling? The plot sucks just enjoy the animation design like I did… and DEM TITS!

h264 Batch

P.S.: (I’ll drag xess to give his comments on this later in the week. Other then that “Merry Christmas & have a Happy New Year!”)

From xess: Since koro wants me to say a few things, I guess I will. Believe it or not, this project started in something like 2007. Most of the work had been done for a long time, but it lacked polished and no one ever got around to releasing it. Well, 4 years later… here it is.

I don’t celebrate xmas, but a merry xmas to all of you who do and happy holidays. (I don’t get any days off work…)