I’ve just updated wordpress to version 2.6. It was kinda long overdue. The archives should now work correctly.

However, unfortunately, the update completely broke the old theme as it’s not compatible with the new version of wordpress. So, I’m forced to change the theme. All the pages need to be manually edited. You’ll notice the styling will be broken on the pages for the moment. Please ignore that while I update them all… which may take a while.

P.S. We would also like to request some help to design a new banner for m33w! The width is exactly 760 pixels. Height can be anywhere from like 80 pixels to 150 pixels. To submit, simply link your picture right here on these comments, using the html img tag or by e-mailing to xess@m33w-fansubs.com. Try to match the colour scheme of the blog. JPG only please. Other image types will eat up too much bandwidth.

Best design wins, uhh… something.

P.P.S. Kyonko will improve your chances of winning (nothing).