And here it is, Bokura ga Ita 01 after 3 painfully slow weeks of slow work. The version being released right now is the h.264 version in high res. If you experience lag with the video, that just means the computer you were playing it on is too slow. The XviD version should be out soon too, hopefully. At first we tried using 1280×720 res, but that didn’t turn out so good as even high-end computers experienced some lag playing it. So we scaled it down a little. Hopefully, it’ll run well for everyone now.

Anyways, Bokura ga Ita is a romantic shoujo anime about a girl called Takahashi Nanami and a boy called Yano Motoharu. It’s a slow paced show that’s relaxing to watch. If you haven’t watch it yet, give our release a try. Again, we think we do a pretty okay job.

And one more time, we are still in need of dedicated staff. We don’t need people who only show up once a week or those who get bored after a only few weeks of work. The positions most in need now are still distro and QC. We’re also willing to take in translators without any experience. Editors, karaoke artists, timers and encoders however, must be experienced.

Join us at Join us at #m.3.3.w @ . We also have a bot server this release there.

Download episode 01 here.

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We’ve recently linked our releases to YouTube so you may watch our releases without needing Bittorrent, IRC, video codecs and whatnot. The video quality on YouTube is obviously inferior to our actual releases, but it’s a great option for those who have their BT and IRC ports blocked out. The YouTube version will only be released a few days after the main release.

The link is here.

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There have been a lack of releases in the past week or so, and I will tell you why, as well as giving you detailed information about projects.

Love Get Chu!
Love Get Chu! is currently being worked on, and it will be out soon. The next episodes should come out much smoother than the current episode is.

Himesama Goyoujin
At the moment, Himesama is stalled and not dropped. Not only is it not dropped, it will never be dropped. We are still waiting for a translation at the moment. If you are a translator and would like to help, you are more than welcome to join. If any translator does decide to join, you are free to choose any project you’d like to work on. After we are done with the translation, the rest should go smoothly. Like LGC!, it should go smoothly after we get episode 2 out.

Strawberry Panic
It’s…er…being worked on. Nothing more I can really say about it. 🙂

This/these is/are our mystery project(s), and if you want to know about it/them, you’d have to join our team. You’ll be pleased to see it/them after it/they is/are released. 🙂

As always we are recruiting people to work with us. If you have any of the following skills, then please consider joining: translating (Japanese->English), typesetting, karaoke designing, distributing, and quality checking.

Stay tuned for more releases.

P.S. What do you guys think about expanding into other Japanese fandom things (i.e. manga)?

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And with that High School Girls finally comes to a close. It was the first project I took charge of and things actually went quite well despite all the setbacks reaching here. There are several obvious mistranlations in ep 01. They’ve been patched up in the DVD version. That should be out soon once the karaoke gets realigned to fit widescreen.

So is High School Girls really over? Well, there are 3 more DVD specials, 10 minutes each, included in the DVD box. However, because I have responsibilities here, I’ll not be doing them. LIME found another translator to complete those, so fret not.

I hope you enjoyed the series. Look forward to another great series from us. If our staff would actually do some damn work.

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We’ve updated the fonts for episode 02. I think it looks a little better now than the bland old one. We encourage you fans to download our subs. We think we did an okay job on it. Please give us a chance and don’t shrug us off because we’re a new group. If you believe you can improve our translations and are willing to help, then please join us.

Here’s a picture of the Love Get Chu cast taken from the an article from IT Media. The lead actress Takamoto Megumi(Momoko) is a new voice talent who was chosen from over a thousand participants. Very befitting of the show. By the way, isn’t Maria(Amane) so cutezzz~?
Love Get Chu Cast

From bottom left: Ochiai Yurika (Yurika), Sakamoto Azuma (Tsubasa), Takamoto Megumi (Momoko), Yamamoto Maria (Amane), Shintani Ryouko (Rinka)

From top left: Midorikawa Hikaru (Minato), Takahashi Naozumi (Atari), Imai Yuka (Runa), Nozawa Masako (Takemiya-sensei), Mitsuishi Kotono (Eri), (not listed)

Love Get Chu, Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho ?iC?jAriko System All Rights Reserved?iC?j?�?�’�’�’�?^?A???R?V?X?e??

Woohoo, and another episode of High School Girls. Only one more episode to go.

And I’ll take this opportunity to announce that we are doing a new project as High School Girls is practically completed. It’s still a secret, but look forward to it. It’s an excellent show.
Also, we are in need of additional QC staff. We have at least two openings. Please go to if you’re interested in helping out. Talk to one of the ops there and they’ll point you in the right direction. Good English skills is a major plus but not a necessity.

Download episode 10 here.

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Wootz. The XviD versions are out for Hime-sama Goyoujin and Love Get Chu for those who are unable to play the h.264 versions.

Download Hime-sama Goyounjin Xvid Version.

Download Love Get Chu Xvid Version.

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This is one of the better episodes. More Ayano and Shimotakatani action. The OP skit is from Hissatsu Series. Never watched it before though.

Here’s something very interesting. It’s the actual real life locations in Tokyo of the scenes shown in the ED of HSG. A must see for HSG fans.

Another series brought to you by m.3.3.w. And also another one of those series which was pretty much ignored for the Spring 2006 season. AnK and Your-Mom subs did episode 01 and that was it. We promise that we will finish this series.

If you had ever wondered why Japanese voice talents are just so much better than those from other countries, well, then this show will shed some light about what Japanese voice actors have to undergo before being hired as a professional. I have not watched REC, so I don’t know about that. However, Love Get Chu is a very enjoyable series in my opinion.

Please give your thanks to [c2k4], who came up with the idea to do this project a few months back. He is also the talented person who did the karaoke and the logo for the show. Then, there’s Mc-Taz, who worked hard on the editing. And also Kratos|Aurion, our knowlegeable encoder.

Download the torrent here.

For playback help to run h.264 mkv files, click here.

Cheer! This is the first official release by m.3.3.w fansubs. This was one of the shows which was pretty much ignored for the Spring 2006 season. Hime-hime is a story about Himeko(her name meaning little princess), your typical Japanese school girl who has a phobia of foreigners, and Nana, a princess from some strange country. It may remind you of the classic bedtime-story, the Prince and the Pauper. We hope you’ll enjoy this series.

Get the torrent here!

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