This is an exciting episode where the story takes its first major twist. What has been happening in Yano’s past that’s he’s so secretive about? And is Takeuchi gay?

Also, as a side note, we’re looking for more assistance for Love Get Chu as that’s practically come to a halt. We’re in need of a project manager and translator for that. Any groups out there who wish to do a joint, please forward your request to us. In the past we turned down C1 anime for a joint on Love Get Chu because we were overstaffed then. Now, we’re a bit desperate for skilled personnel.

And lastly, please don’t ask about the forums. Hehe.

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Out faster this time, here’s Bokura 05 for all you shoujo anime buffs. Our encoder is still missing, so the H.264 versions are still not ready. Also, our official IRC bot, [m33w]Nana has somehow died and disappeared. So for those able to download off BT, please help serve the file on our main channel

And we are still looking for a dedicated distro for BT. What we require is preferably a bot which we can remote access to seed files with a client such as TorrentFlux. About 1 or 2GB of bandwidth would required for each episode. Not too much really. For others who wish to help, please keep our releases seeded. Thanks to gobbleup who has been serving our episodes all this while.

And for some notes regarding episode 05:
Mizu-chin Taka-chan no Watashitachi mo Ita!

It was a bit lenghty to explain this in the episode itself, so here it is. “Bokura ga Ita” translates to “We were there.” Kinda like those “xxx was here” graffiti as proof of one’s existance. So, “Mizu-chin Taka-chan no Watashitachi mo Ita.” means what you see in the image above, “Mizu-chin and Taka-chan’s We Were There Too.”

Here’s another one:

Even though this anime is set in the year 2000, because of the manga, Japan has already dropped the use of SMS in favour of e-mail. This isn’t a very well known fact. There are those who wondered why they couldn’t send SMSes while in Japan. The drawback of e-mail of course is, you’ve gotta have a really expensive phone. But what do you expect from technologically advanced Japan?

And lastly, if you don’t know what filial piety means, then according to, it’s “In Confucian thought, one of the virtues to be cultivated, a love and respect for one’s parents and ancestors.”

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Forgive our slowness, but here it is. Our encoder has been very busy, thus unable to do the H.264 encodes. But, anyways, here’s episode 04 encoded by myself in XviD. We also like to thank those of you who were supportive of m.3.3.w during the mess us in episode 03.

And again, we are still looking for distro. The search never seems to end.

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The corrected version with the audio in sync in now up. Both episode 02 and 03 are now avaiable on our official bot, [m33w]Nana, kindly supplied by kakiru. For you h.264 buffs, the higher quality version should be out soon.

Download Episode 03 version 2 here.

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A double release of Bokura ga Ita. Even though it’s a shoujo romance anime, it’s still a great watch for any audience. Give it a go if you don’t know what to watch this season. Several of our members have been moving house at the same time, so things got a bit delayed. We apologize for the really slow seeding speed because our bot owner just moved today. The releases also won’t be on our IRC bot until he gets settled.

The h.264 version will be out a bit later as it takes a long time to encode.

Notice: The encode of episode 03 has an audio sync error. That’s what you get for not even looking at the final product. To manually fix this problem, shift the audio 500ms forward. There will be a version 2 to fix this problem, hopefully. However, that version is fine if you just shift the time forwards 500ms.

Download Episode 02 here.

Download Episode 03 here.

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Oh my goodness. Love Get Chu 03 is here after a long hiatus. Why did it take so long? Because people were lazy, moving house, etc. Anyways, enjoy. The XviD version will be out shortly.

Download the torrent here.