Sad to say we sat on this for 2 years before Frostii even thought of the idea to do it. Got it translated in 2010, and here we are summer of 2013 and… “Why am I making you wait even longer?,” I ask myself.

This is the ‘no-frills’ full-on translation of Tetsuko no Tabi.

‘No-frills?’ you say? What I mean is:

– no typesetting.
– no chapters.
– no karaoke.

All translation, all the time. So that when the DVD release comes you’ll be enjoying the real copy you’ll be keeping later. “But, but, I don’t mind waiting!” You’ve waited long enough, my young pupil, and you shall wait no longer.

However, saying that the reason mostly it was stalled is because I had no active typesetter and editor (I mean I did it but come on!) So that’s where you come in. Feel free below the comments and or email me personally (subj: Tetsuko no Tabi) any errors you see. And if you’re willing to step up to the plate there’s always a recruitment drive available just for you.

Anyway, enjoy. It’s been a rough 5 years, 9 months and 18 days before this series got a full on translation and release. Thank you OTF for your inspiration in making this one little rare gem possible.


(Oh Yokomi, you’re such a player. Episode 12 spoiler alert.)

Looking for new fresh faces to join #m.3.3.w and help us relieve the old. Don’t know about the new but we’ll see as time comes. Feel free to email me at dog (underscore) man (three two) at hotmail dot com. If you put it all together you’ll get the actual email.

Now what I’m looking for is nothing special. I’ll teach you the ropes and get you started because I have plenty things I want done but have yet to be did. So that’s where you come in. We’ll take you in our family and see how things go. Where you wanna be, grow and prosper too. Don’t worry if your unmotivated I’m sure to find SOME way to motivate you back again.

Again taking all positions. You can be new or old, fresh or retired, or have the drive to step up and make things move by the touch of your finger. We’re here to make that all possible but it starts with you.

Feel free to email me but make sure you put in the subj m33w recruitment otherwise I’ll delete it. Good luck and best wishes.


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