Itazura na Kiss is back, this time with the soundtracks. Those of you who enjoyed Itazura na Kiss will love the soundtracks. I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find it so I decided to buy it. So enjoy. Please seed as long as possible because I own a laptop and I have to move it around so it won’t be always seeded. I know we haven’t posted a new update in a long time so this will suffice.

Please still seed but I’m no longer seeding it (now seeded by our m33w server I think).

Also thank you Nitch from the cbox for helping me with torrent issues.

As for Jang Geum’s Dream, I didn’t give up. I’m TLing episode 8 right now. tun’s doing timing and tlc. Instead of publishing one episode at a time, this might come in a bundle like 5 episodes at a time. Rosario is coming so don’t flood the cbox and blog. Seto is coming thanks to asagao’s hard work.

Itazura na Kiss OST

I think it’s about time for me to introduce myself.

I joined m.3.3.w not so long ago aimming to provide direct link download for leechers like you and me. But obviously I failed. I promise when I earn enough dough, I’ll make that possible. You’ve probably seen me somewhere around here. Anyways since I failed as a distro, Korokun asked me if I can finish subbing where tun had left off.

Jang Geum’s Dream is what I am translating and it is a Korean Animated Series based on Dae Jang Geum the drama. Also based on true history. Not too sure how accurate it is… Just because I am Korean, don’t assume I like these stuff. I watched all 26 episodes in less than 12 hours. It was atypical Korean drama just animated. But it wasn’t bad nor great. There are actually total of 52 episodes so I will be busy translating them over the summer. I watched the translated version on the DVD and it looked like a kindergartener tried to translate it. Also timing wasn’t always accurate.

We are kind of debating something in the staff channel. As some of you may know, there is also Japanese dubbed version of this. I suggested adding both Japanese and Korean audios while tun suggested just Korean while Korokun suggested Japanese. Since we use MKV, it is possible to put both the audios. Only problem is not only do I have to translate, but someone else also has to translate; from Japanese to English. When I listened to both of the audios, some of the parts were completely different. It looks like BiGGuY will be busy encoding not only this Anime but Hatsukoi (one of my favorites) and Hanasakeru (the girl is annoying).

I translated the opening song (kind of annoying soundtrack) and tun is currently in the process of translating the ending song. I gave up on the ending and gave it to tun. Yesterday Kokizzzle tried to be Korean and failed miserably. This project is strictly run by me, tun, Korokun, and BiGGuY and maybe some other encoders.

To sum this up, I think I’ll enjoy subbing this Anime and for m.3.3.w. Adding this series will just make us more unique. Everyone here is/has different nationality (part of the reasons why we sub slower than other groups). Although we argue a lot, we are one big happy family. Sorry if this was long and if some part of it sounded retarded. lol.