Sorry for the long delay. The original TL had some issues, then our FTP died, then our TS’er got sick, was a fun fun week, but we are pro’s so we got it done.

Here she is


Also on a side note you have probably noticed there is no XviD. Let me explain.

Being that we had an entirely new crew working on this we decided to do just two h264 versions. One version is 720p HD and the other (Which will come out soon) will be 480p, both being .mkv

Well boys and girls we are finally finished. We would’ve been finished many weeks ago but our encoders motherboard fried into the unknown. He recently got it all back up and some more goodies are on the way as well



Also since a couple people have been asking. Yes we will be doing the Working!! DVD’s. As for when you will see them, all I can say is the DVD’s are a side project for the most part, but they are on the slate to be done.

As usual the blog will be updated when I got more info.

Since a couple things have changed I’m going to update everyone on whats going on.

I’ll start off by letting everyone know that Osaka Hamlet (Which was due to air this summer) is not going to air (To my knowledge) so we decided to go back and do Hen Zemi, which we originally planned to do but later changed our minds (Yes we changed our minds again). We didn’t know anything about Osaka Hamlet till about 2-3 days ago so this was a last minute thing. So you can expect to see Hen Zemi soon.

As for our other projects I stated earlier that we were doing the Eve no Jikan series, Pale Cocoon, as well as Aquatic Language. We are now just doing the two OVA’s and the Eve no Jikan movie (Eve no Jikan Gekijouban for you weeboo’s).

If anything else changes it will be on this blog