Sorry for the super long delay. Our timer went missing in action so I had to find another, luckily I did so Ep 3 should be out soon.

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We still don’t know the name of the flower that we saw that day. Forget-me-nots. They are these little blue, white, or orange flowers that grow frequently in the wild. During the last couple or three episodes of what is most likely the best anime that has aired this year, they showed these little flowers quite a few times. I’m fairly certain you can figure out the significance. ^__^

I personally have enjoyed editing this show, and I hope you guys have enjoyed watching it just as much. I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to the project:

Translation: Basaka
TLC: blakbunnie27
Editing: Rika-chama, Saoen, Nemui-kun
Typesetting: redd
Karaoke: ThaEagle
Encoding: JJS
QC: JJS, mattchewwu2, Nemui-kun, palmje, Saoen

Ep 11:


I had an interest in doing all 3 for awhile, just… never got to them. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (or Ninja Cat Legend Teyandee), was a spur of the moment deal, while Tetsuko, I eyed down since it aired back in ’07; making a dream now an reality. Himehime, well… “It’s about damn time you got around to those DVDs!,” as toybox would tell me. With all its glorious and fantabulous typesetting.

**Himehime is ordered chapters. Just slap the files in the same folder with the OP/ED and your gtg. Might also need the latest CCCP, because I had Zar ‘blow up’ the ts for the logo on KNT. This is just incase your computer lags. *cough* Well, at least it’s not a BSOD font. =p

KNT 01: Torrent
TnT 00: Torrent
Himehime: 01 | 02 | 03

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Here is our new summer show, hope you enjoy. Also im going to say this now before the riots start. We used British English for this show since well it matches better and that’s what we chose to do, so dont hate, just watch.

And for those of you wondering, Anohana isnt dropped. Our TLC went to Japan so I had to find another one to do the last episode, which he is currently doing as we speak. So we are looking at finishing this in a day or two.


Read on if you’re interested in the latest in hipster encoding that can save you 100MB off the regular HD release size.

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The last episode will be coming out soon, and next week we will be releasing our summer show so get ready.

Random TL/Cultural Note:
In case you’re not familiar with what’s going on w/ Tsuruko and cutting her hair: In Japan, when a girl gets dumped by her boyfriend/significant other/etc, she sometimes goes and gets her hair cut to symbolise a fresh start in her life.