Due to Daiz’s New Law, we will not be uploading any newer files to Tokyo Toshokan as it takes time and effort to do it, and… and… seriously it’s just fucking dumb to go through that needless waste of effort. Until they intergrate or… I don’t know… wade through the bullshit to get what you want, we’ll just be sticking with Nyaa.

You can find us via this link, and we’ll continue to go this route till something gives or changes are made.

I’ll update this post later after the SGC 2014 gaming convention in Dallas, TX, probably sometime after the 14th of July.

Until then, ciao.

Updated. Had quite a fun time and no, we’re not doing it for Daiz’s sake but because it really is retarded and there should be an easier method to upload to Tosho.

Ep 10 – 480p / 720p
Ep 11 – 480p / 720p

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1 thru 4 had an issue with the OP typesetting.
Same for 6+ onwards, as it just wasn’t included.
Since this was long overdue, there will be no patches for the previous episodes.

Mainly done for posterity’s sake, and the fact we are trying to finish whatever is left over from two season’s ago.

Thanks goes out to Kuroten, doplank, mep, and many others who bothered to QC this stuff… If I forgot your name, well I am sorry but know you are not forgotten.

Batch – 480p | Batch – 720p

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