us damee Typesetter
us Ichigo69/Rika-chama Editor, QCer
us ItAintEazy TL, TLC, Jack-of-all-Trades
us Korokun m33w Founder/TLC
us Saoen Distro, Editor, Public Relations/Leader, Addict
us Kuroten Editor, QCer
us OblivionShadow Editor, QCer, Moral Support
se ThaEagle Head Typesetter
au euronymous Retired
us Kaereste Editor
us tun Retired
us asagao TLC, cbox mod
ne BiGGuY Head Encoder
us Basaka Translator/TLC
us blackbunnie27 Translator/TLC/Consultant
us Chaosrains QC Team
us Clephas TLC/TL
us crash Typesetter
us Fighter747 TL/TLC
us goof Coal guy
us ilikefood idler
us JJS Encoder
us LGDArm Typesetter
us Kile Encoder, Timer
us mattchewwu2 QC Team
us Nicholi Encoder
us Nemui-Kun QC Team
us Shunrai QC Team
us Starmaker Timer
UK redd Typesetter
jp taqmir Translator, professional NEET, lolicon
bg Waryas Head Distro/Technical Expert/Jailbird
my xess Head Translator/Webmaster
us xshadowfire Distro among other things
us beefymint Master Troll

Interested in joining m33w?

Please contact Korokun or Saoen on IRC at OR We will consider
all applicants, whether new or veterans to fansubbing.

Check the recruitment channel for the up to date information on open positions.

  • Translator
    Able to translate from Japanese to English. Must possess at least moderate understanding of Japanese. Don’t try to trick us; we know the difference between authentic and fraudulent subs.
  • Editor
    Better than average English skills, preferably a native speaker. Your English should preferably be better than mine, and mine is pretty decent. Japanese knowledge unnecessary, but helpful. There’s more to the job than just using correct grammar or having good diction.
  • Timer
    Able to use Aegisub and have a strong grasp of what constitutes good timing practices. It’s not just matching the subs to the audio.
  • Typesetter
    Possess good technical knowledge and artistic flair. Good sense of color and style to match the mood of the show. Good technical knowledge to be able to accurately place translated signs. Knowledge usually extends to being able to do karaoke.
  • Encoder
    The position we will consider least for those with no experience. You must know how to encode and transcode a wide range of formats. Also be able work with DVD and .TS formats and transcode them cleanly. A powerful computer and a fast internet connection is needed.
  • Quality Checker
    Possess a good eye for spotting mistakes. This encompasses subtitle, typesetting, and encoding errors. Must be able to provide detailed and constructive criticism. Strong English skills are a major bonus, but not a requirement. A fast internet connection is preferable.
  • Distributor
    Possess a monstrous internet connection and capable of distributing anime episodes at crazy speeds via BT or IRC.