Yup, we’ll just keep on trucking. Next one shouldn’t be too long.

[HD 10bit] [SD 8bit]

Here’s another one. Just in time for the Blu-Ray release.

[HD 10bit] [SD 8bit]


The last gasp of a dying fansub group? We started doing this at the beginning of the season, then a bunch of bullcrap happened, and here we are. Will we finish this show by the time spring summer season starts? Stay tooned and find out.

We also would like to give a warm, m.3.3.w welcome to Fyurie who has stepped up to run the show in place of us tired-ass oldfags.

[Episode 01 HD 10bit] [ Episode 01 SD 8bit]

[Episode 02 HD 10bit] [ Episode 02 SD 8bit]