Consider this a “one-off” as we bring you the infamous Genshiken Niidame OAD “no-frills” release. Thanks to both s0uten for translating this on the fly, and Kuroten for timing and editing it.

Although, s0uten hasn’t fully watch the series and understood all the obscurities that Genshiken tends to bring along itself with all its otaku culture, I hope that you guys enjoy the work put in and maybe, maybe with positive comments we’ll go ahead and finalize it and do it the natural way. As for now, I really just wanted to understand and watch the series without all that hib-blabb bullshit.

Anyway do enjoy! And Sue is just fucking adorable, no doubt!

Edit: This line was missing within the script.

Dialogue: 0,0:06:45.20,0:06:46.97,Trebuchet MS,,0,0,0,,What is it again?

Comes after:

Dialogue: 0,0:06:48.42,0:06:52.11,Trebuchet MS,,0,0,0,,But it’s understandable why Ohno-senpai is against it.
Dialogue: 0,0:06:52.68,0:06:54.28,Trebuchet MS,,0,0,0,,Nerds{Otaku} are just…
Dialogue: 0,0:06:57.74,0:07:00.48,Trebuchet MS,,0,0,0,,Damn it, I can’t think of anything.

Really isn’t worth a patch since this is a “one-off” but I finally got around to watch myself to notice it. Anyway wait for Ani-Koi’s version whenever it releases.

Additional edit: The subtitles when the girls speak english seems not the same as when said out loud. A bit of clarification here is needed so you can understand. The subs below are how the Japanese would read them from a foreigner. So he pretty much translated it in a literal sense instead of what you’d hear them say.