No striped panties? This is blasphemy!

New episode tomorrow.

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Congratulations, you just became officially recognized as an m.3.3.w sponsor! XD

Now it’s that time again. Have a sentimental sigh, in awe of yet another consecutive release! Also, have a word from another one of our sponsors!

<&Rika-chama> the more seasons you know, the more mature you are
<&Rika-chama> ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

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< &Rika-chama> Natsumi’s brother is the best chara in this show
< &Rika-chama> full stop.
< @Kuroten> Totally has a career in figurine making at his disposal.
< &Rika-chama> ^
< @Kuroten> Dat clay figurine man.

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Now apparently eating ramen is sexy.

Also, too, thanks to these blog titles perhaps, this website is now blocked by my parental control filters 🙁

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This teaser, ripped from a youtube link, from Sankaku Complex’s site was brought to you subbed by us. Personally, because it’s Bayonetta, it deserves some justice subbed. But then again since it’s going to be animated by GONZO you know that it’s going to be over the top and stupid as hell.

Anyway, the movie is due in Japan on November 23rd. And the blu-ray itself will be due out on Jan 24th.

Personally, I just wanted to take a little initiative and say that we’re going to actively do this. So just keep on the look out. Though I will admit I gushed like a school girl hearing this.

Till then.


Kinda ironic how her shirt has “Listen up,” yet she fails to listen.

So here we are, the half-way mark in the series. Feels good to get here. Really does. Not much to else to say but thanks to everyone who got us here, and those who support us through all the delays.

“A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections.”
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Another show out thanks to our translator for stepping in when the other was busy. So today’s episode is an obligatory beach scene… With breasts.

Wait… wut?

Yeah, I personally think all the animation’s budget went into something we don’t normally see even on the adult characters.

Speaking of which, Komari is fucking adorable. That is all.

Actually I’m sorry, I had something else to say… You see, there’s an animation screw up somewhere in this episode. See if you can find it!

On that note, there was one line that needed an “!” but I wasn’t assed enough to deal with it so expect those and other little tweaks to be fixed in the batch.
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>You’ll never get your head rubbed by a middle school girl.

I think I was barely able to keep the “new episode by tomorrow” promise by about 2 minutes, so enjoy.

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I… don’t even know why this episode turns me on.

Next episode tomorrow.

[HD 8bit]

A special thanks to the Nyaun Nyaun Biyori-hating translator for stepping in. Won’t lie show is boring though but I love dem lolis. And to all you haters, keep on hatin’.
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Project Leader/Supervisor: Korokun
Capper: purefmwc
Encoder: mep
Translator: ItAintEazy
Timer: unit_fun_zero
Typesetter: doplank
Karaoke: damee
Quality Check: Saoen, damee, unit_fun_zero, Kaze-Tenshu, ItAintEazy
Distro: Korokun

Another fun gif I loved.